Order Build Configs by last build

It would be nice if the build configs were ordered by the last build date instead of by name, so the latest build is shown at top and the oldest build is shown at bottom.

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Build sorting is implemented in 2.4.0

You can go to edit menu/settings/dashboard to configure the sorting rules. In your case, builds can be first sorted by state (red builds at the top), and then by last change.

Latest version is available https://catlight.io/downloads 

Will this be implemented in any upcoming update?

This feature is in our backlog, but not at the top of it. It looks like a really simple thing, but it actually requires some redesign of the dashboard. We'll probably combine several dashboard improvements like sorting and filtering into a single release in the future.

Do you monitor a lot of builds? We have another feature request to automatically add and remove builds. With this, CatLight could, for example, show you only builds that were active last month. If they all fit on the screen, maybe sorting them becomes less important.

Orrr give us an option to do both and the ability to set a default option