Failed Travis builds don't produce a notification or a yellow cat icon.

I only just installed CatLight, so this was never working for me. I get notifications for started builds and successful builds, just not failed builds, which are the only notifications I truly care about. I'm using Travis for Open Source. My notification settings are set to show for all builds, and when builds start, succeed, and fail.


Edit: I had also set CatLight to poll every five seconds for the sake of testing.

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Ok, I found Travis repository with the same name as you account here. The couple of last builds were in state "errored", which is apparently different from "failed" or "canceled" states that we handle. Since Travis documentation does not disclose all the possible states, we can only guess them. Catlight should handle this "errored" state in the next update.

Oh wow, interesting. Thanks for figuring it out!

Hi Noah,

Can you provide an url of your Travis project and an example of the build that failed? We'll check what Travis API returns for it. If you don't want to post it here, you can send it to support@catlight.io