Notification shows new build but dashboard doesn't

I get a windows notification that my build has started. I click the dashboard and it still doesn't have the update. Even after a couple minutes the dashboard still does not update the information. My polling interval is set to 60 seconds.

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Hi, I have been facing the similar problem as reported. The problem is dashboard is not refreshed. 

it still shows the old builds infomation, even though  there are exits new builds ( if i choose from Menu bar catLight -> Open Dashboard   , i can see the dashboard is refreshed and new builds appear.

it would be good to get it fixed . 

Hi Telugu,

Last time we could not reproduce the problem. Do you notice any pattern when this happens? Maybe multiple builds are starting quickly or they complete in some unusual order? Or this happens after editing monitoring settings?

Hi,  one reason i could think is  i often switch networks between office and home , and office network has the tfs server access.  i am not sure of any other patterns.  i rarely touched the monitoring settings. 

  1. Yes
  2. VSTS (The tfs online)
  3. New team builds
  4. I'm pretty sure that would refresh it. I went to settings and then hit cancel and I saw the gears loading and it refreshed.

Does it happened once or you get this problem repeatedly?

There could be two different problems with those symptoms - either dashboard is not refreshed, or notification is shown by mistake.

1. Can you check the build system UI - does this build actually happened at that time?
2. What type of build system do you have - TFS? 2013/2015?
3. If you use TFS, what type of build has this problem - XAML or new Team Build?
4. If you refresh dashboard by clicking "Catlight/Open dashboard" in the menu, does it show updated information?