Display different icon for cancelled build and return status to previous build

I build was broken and displayed as such.

The next action then was - someone tried to fix it and then started a build. They then had a change of heart, having thought of something and cancelled the build.

The dashboard icon for the individual build should change from the white arrow on green (running/queued build) to a new icon for cancelled. The overall status of the build definition should be taken from the last completed build and should not remain as running, so in this case should change from the large green arrow to the white cross in a red circle.

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When cancelling a build in TeamCity, the Dashboard displays it as a build failed (red). This creates noise and reduces the informative nature of the tray icon. Please have it set to the previous build or to green. A stopped/cancelled action should not be treated as an error.

Timed out is not correct. 

Someone STOPPED the build manually which can be done simply in Visual Studio, it did not time out but the status icon in TFS is still a white square in a red circle.


Are you saying that the cancelled/stopped icon in your dashboard is white square in red circle, the same as TFS. if so I did not see this with polling set to 30 seconds.

TFS sets the build status to "cancelled" when it times out, and this is something that requires developer attention.

Build icon for cancelled builds look like a white square in red circle. Since the app is polling the server from time to time, the state of the build might change after some delay.