No Notifcation And Icon Color Does Not Change

I connect CatLight to my Jenkins using authentication with API token.

CatLight knows all the project statuses and any other information, which is good.

But I never get any notifications. The icon color also never changes.

My Jenkins version is 1.653.1. CatLight version is 1.8.7.

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Thanks for the clarification of the Icon color.

For the notification:

I'm using "All Builds" option in Settings and I tried to trigger the build using my own credential, but still notification pop-up.


Regarding Jenkins notifications please see  http://catlight.helprace.com/i136-no-build-notifications-for-jenkins-2-builds

Icon changes color when your attention is needed. When all builds are successfully finished or are running, icon will be in the normal state.

Thanks! It works.