Catlight for Windows keeps crashing

I am devops for our organisation. I am testing Catlight (v1.8.7 Beta) on Windows 7 to see if it could be used by our developers.

It installs fine and functions (with a Jenkins connection) initially. However, after a short period the dashboard becomes unresponsive and Catlight crashes out.

Looking at the logs and Windows Task Manager, the problem occurs when Catlight begins "Checking for updates". After this point there are repeated connection errors of the form:

[2016-09-19 11:56:47.564] [ERROR] main - UncaughtException: Error: socket hang up
[2016-09-19 11:56:47.564] [ERROR] main - UncaughtException: Error: connect ECONNREFUSED

There appears to be some sort of memory leak on these repeated connection failures as the memory for one of the three catlight processes increases continuously. At about 800MB->1GB the dashboard becomes unresponsive. Less than 1.5GB a "Not enough storage..." error is sometimes reported and at/over 1.5GB Catlight crashes out.

We work in a secure and isolated network so checking for updates is pointless. The "Notify me about early access versions of the app" setting is unchecked.


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Thanks for reporting this. We investigated the problem further and were able to reproduce it. The bug will be fixed in upcoming v2.0. Unfortunately, there is no workaround for currently released version.

More details at: http://catlight.helprace.com/i161-application-can-run-out-of-memory-and-crash-when-internet-connection-is-absent 

Hi Barry,

The problem could be caused by the way internet connections are blocked. It could be that your firewall/router silently drops packets instead of actively rejecting them, triggering some obscure bug in one of the libraries that we use.

The app runs two types of processes: Catlight.exe for UI , and LocalWeb.exe for polling logic. Which one is getting high memory usage?

If it is the first one, you can try disabling auto-updates all together by renaming %localappdata%\caltight\update.exe to update2.exe