Connection Problem: Response status code does not indicate success: 302 (Found)

Today CatLight prompted me to re-init my TFS connection which is for a Visual Studio Online account. When I click Save on the TFS connection settings screen, it opens a page in my browser to authorize CatLight. When I click Accept, I get this message (base URL obfuscated on purpose):

Connection problem

There was a problem accessing your account: Response status code does not indicate success: 302 (Found).

Please make sure that:

  • Collection url is correct and accessible: https://xxxxxxx.visualstudio.com:443/defaultcollection
  • User that is logged in this browser have access to https://xxxxxxx.visualstudio.com:443/defaultcollection
You can close this window and return to CatLight app.
If you need to use another Microsoft account, sign in to it in this browser before connecting.

The problem seems to be that https://xxxxxxx.visualstudio.com:443/defaultcollection now redirects to https://xxxxxxx.visualstudio.com/_home 

I am using CatLight for Windows v 1.8.7 beta.

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Thank you for your reports!

I can see that the current process is confusing. We'll try to provide better instructions in the app, and possibly show the account name as soon as we know it.

Part of my problem was that I have an individual MS account and an Office 365 account under the same email address and this was causing confusion during the authorization process.

To fix it, I went to https://app.vssps.visualstudio.com, then in the dropdown list below my name I selected "Microsoft account". Then I retried the Catlight authorization and it worked.

I am also seeing this problem today (19-Oct-2016)

I am logged in to the correct account (in IE11 on Windows 10).

I have done a full logout of the browser from all MS Accounts, then logged in again and still no joy.


I found the issue:

You MUST be logged in to VSTS (TFS Online) with the MS Account, not just logged in to your MS Account.


Hi Keith, there was a temporary service problem today. As a result, VSTS access tokens expired and could not be refreshed. 

For most people, VSTS monitoring should work fine now, without any need to re-authenticate.

If you still have this problem and Catlight prompts for authentication, make sure that you are logged in to correct Microsoft account in the browser where authentication prompt opens. Microsoft does not show you the active user name, so this can be confusing.

Sorry for inconvenience.