CatLight 2.0 with work item tracking

Exciting news - CatLight 2.0 beta is here! 

Work item status tracking

CatLight can now track work items in TFS 2015 and VSTS. You can select an existing query and choose a tracking mode:

  • Show all - use this for queries that should return empty result when everything is ok, and for queues of short-term work. For example: "Important open bugs", "Urgent tasks", "Bugs to verify today".
  • Show changes - use this to track changes in long-term queues of work, like "My tasks", "Backlog", "Recent bugs".

The app will run the query every minute, check for changes, and notify you when your attention is needed.

To reduce the load on your server, use queries that return small number of results (preferably, less than 150). Avoid queries that can return thousands of work items, even if you use "show changes" mode. Usually, you can add a time condition to the query to reduce the number of results. For example, query "All bugs", can be converted to "All bugs that were changed in the last 30 days".


Build status tracking improvements

  • New build selection screen with search and grouping by folders
  • Notifications about started investigations
  • Better way of showing notifications on Windows 10
  • UI change - build icons are now square
  • Various bugfixes and minor improvements


You can get the new version from the bottom of downloads page:

 If you found a bug, please report it to or to