Collapse team projects when selecting builds to monitor

I raised the following idea, and am really happy it seems to have been implemented so quick. Maybe you were already doing it :)


The list of builds is now showing as a tree view. One vital feature is really missing though! It's still a massive list to scroll through, could one of the following be added to solve it:

- Show the tree view with all items initially collapsed, so I can expand just the team project I'm interested in.

- Have a "collapse all" button.

- Remember the previous collapse/expand state of each node so every time I go back it's as I left it.




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We have some improvements in 2.0.24. Project list will be collapsed by default when there is more than 3 projects. This should also improve the performance, as visible tree will be smaller.

I'm on version 2.0.19 Beta

(Oh, and want to say I really like it that the Save and Cancel buttons are always visible now, so I don't have to scroll down to find those.)