How to flag the specific user that broke the build


I'm just trying catlight with jenkins p4 plugin. Seems lightweight and very easy to get going.

As things stand I can see "somebody broke the build a few secs ago".

Is there a way to configure to attach a real userid?




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This should be fixed in 2.1.4. You can give it a try https://catlight.io/downloads 

Thanks for the quick reply and the nice trick to see the json details.

Indeed I think the info is there:

  "culprits" : [
      "absoluteUrl" : "<removed>",
      "description" : null,
      "fullName" : "removed",



I have sent the json file as requested.



Thanks for the details! I'll post an update when we implement this feature.

We retrieve the information about the user from a list of build causes. It is possible, that the user that triggered the build is not listed there in your configuration.

You can try to open a page of specific build in the browser, and append /api/json?pretty=true&depth=2 to it. This should show what Jenkins knows about this build.

Here is an example url, and you can see that there is a username in actions/causes section:https://ci.jenkins-ci.org/job/Core/job/jenkins/job/master/132/api/json?pretty=true&depth=2

It is possible, that with P4 plugin, username of the person that triggered the build is provided in different place and format. If you see it somewhere in that build json, you can send us this whole json to support@catlight.io , so we can try to grab the username from another place.