Get rid of all those useless window animations

How about getting rid of all those confusing window animations of CatLight? My head hurts every time I click the cute cat icon.

I don't know if this anti-feature is available on all platforms but on MacOS its insane, I just made me remove the app.

I am back to CCMenu which behaves predictably by opening a window under the icon.

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If you mean the window flying around the screen animation, then this is the default animation for all windows that OS X provides. Other applications should look similar when their windows are collapsed and restored.

You can try to disable it on OS level: 


Thanks for the quick reply, yep this is a really good resource. Still, this should not be needed because that's not how menubar popups are supposed to work. Your current implementation is linking the minimize and hide actions to the menubar icon and that's the first app I encounter to do that.

Check these apps and see how a proper menubar application is supposed to behave: MacOS WiFi Menu, battery, VPN Menu or the CCMenu app.

When you click an icon you expect to get a pop-up menu, that's no animation involved here.

BTW: this menu should also include the Quit option.