The CatLight (v2.2.1 for Mac) link is opening web browser using HTTP when HTTPS is configured

The CatLight (v2.2.1 Beta for Mac) link is opening web browser using HTTP when HTTPS is configured in the connection settings. I am running CatLight version 2.2.1 Beta on both my Mac and Windows machine but this problem is only happening on the Mac version.

Thank you.

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The wrong version is being downloaded. The Mac 2.2.3 Beta download actually downloading 2.2.1. I tried twice to be sure it wasn't my error.

Older version of setup was cached on a CDN. Correct version should be downloaded now. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

Downloaded 2.2.3 Beta for Mac and all is good. Works perfectly. The link now works perfectly with both Safari and Chrome. And your support is excellent - second to none. Thanks!


We take job URL directly from Jenkins api response. You can see what it returns by opening the following url in the browser:


In your last post you mentioned that you have URL-rewriting software installed. Is it possible that we always open http link, but this software redirects it to https, and that it does that only for windows-based browsers?

You can fix this by telling Jenkins that it should provide https url in API. To do that go to Manage Jenkins/Configure System , and then set url that starts with https in "Jenkins URL" field.

Catlight caches those urls. To refresh the cache, go to Jenkins job selection settings and save them.

I checked the Jenkins config and we already have HTTPS configured and the json reflects this as well. I think the issue is somehow due to the URL rewriting on our end, something I'm not involved with. No issues at all on Windows, work great. However, on my Mac using Chrome the URL is opened without the trailing slash "/", and using Safari the trailing slash is there but it uses HTTP. This odd behavior suggests the problem is not within CatLight. Thanks for the excellent support and response, very pleased. You can probably close this item out as the issue appears to not be part of CatLight. Thanks again.

Also, the trailing slash problem is fixed in  2.2.3 , so you might want to install an update -  https://catlight.io/downloads