CatLight Pro

Since the beginning of the project, we announced that CatLight will be free for small teams, and there will be a paid version for bigger companies.


We are introducing CatLight Pro - a version of the app for business users. This version can monitor any number of build definitions and work item queries. It also includes priority support. You can buy a monthly or annual subscription to CatLight Pro using a credit card. For pricing details, see


Free edition is available for individuals and companies that have 3 users or less. This version can monitor up to 10 build definitions or work item queries.


New users will automatically receive a 30-day trial of CatLight Pro, so they can try the app for the whole team.


We would also like to thank our beta users, that helped us build a great product, and provided a lot of valuable feedback. Every app installed in 2016 receives a "beta subscription" that will provide them with unrestricted usage until at least March 1, 2017. After that, depending on the level of usage, they can either have a Free edition or purchase a CatLight Pro. Beta users can also qualify for early user discount.

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I would like to request a possibility for single developer pro licenses. The use case for this is that I'm working as an external contractor at a company that will very likely not see the need to pay for Catlight pro licenses. As I watch over more than 40 nightly build queries of a TFS build server (plus non-nightly queries) together with 2 colleagues, we couldn't even watch them all then splitting the work with Catlight Free Editions. Also, I would rather not return to Team Foundation Build Notifications application as it has proven unreliable at times in the past.

Paying 18$ per month for just myself seems a bit much, though.

By popular demand, we've added a single user subscription.