Secondary monitor problems

Then I open the Dashboard on my secondary monitor and then log onto that computer via RDP (with only one monitor) the dashboard is somehow hidden. Even after I restart CatLight it memorizes that it was on the other monitor and can't get it into view. 

Using Windows 10. CatLight v 2.3.1

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This is fixed in CatLight 2.9.5. On application start, dashboard window position will be automatically reset if window is outside of the current display set.


I had this after I demoed CatLight on a projector - after disconnecting the projector there was no way for me to get back to Catlight, not even after a restart.

Thanks for the pointer to that json file - hoped there was a solution like that.


Thanks for reporting the problem.

As a workaround, you can delete %appdata%\catlight\window-state.json file and restart the app. This should reset the window position.