CatLight 2.5 - Monitor builds for Git branches

CatLight 2.5 now works with Git branches, and will show a separate build history for each branch.

We divide branches in four categories:

  • Primary - they will be always visible on the dashboard. They include branches like master, develop, trunk, etc.
  • Short-lived - those are branches for pull requests. CatLight will show them for one day on the dashboard.
  • Other - this is a category for feature, bugfix and release branches. They will be tracked while they are active, and had at least one build in the past week.
  • Ignored - those branches will not be monitored. You can hide branches from previous categories by adding them to ignored.

By default, CatLight will show all active branches, but you can configure it to only show branches with your changes.


Note for Jenkins and TeamCity: this feature is available only for authenticated users. If you connected using anonymous or guest account, please re-connect with your personal account to use it. 

Branches are supported across all platforms: TFS, VSTS, TeamCity, Jenkins, Travis CI and AppVeyor. 

Known issue: build investigations are not shared between new v2.5 and old v2.4 app versions. To fix this, please upgrade your team apps to new version. 

Try it out  and share your thoughts on