Is it possible to add new Jenkins jobs from a folder automatically?

Hi there!

Would it be possible that CatLight adds new builds jobs from a Jenkins folder automatically?

We are using the Jenkins "Pipeline Multibranch Plugin" (https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/Pipeline+Multibranch+Plugin) to build various git branches, which adds every branch build to a folder


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Nice to hear, you are thinking about implementing this feature.

Automatically adding all new jobs (and removing those who do not exist any more - because the live of a git branch is usually rather short) would satisfy our requirements by now.

Regex matching would also be very nice to differenciate between certain projects/products, as we also use prefixes for our branch names that represent the issue number from the bug tracker, which i think is a very common thing to do.

CatLight currently supports different way of tracking branches - when all branches are processed by a single job. The app will then split this job on a dashboard, providing individual history for each branch.

Multibranch Plugin that you use seems to be another valid way to track branches, and we'll add support for it in future versions.

Will you be interested in monitoring all new jobs from such folder, or do you want to monitor only some of them? For example, only jobs that have your changes or jobs whose name match certain regular expression?