Catlight does not start when Windows starts

This has been happening since I started using Catlight a year ago. Catlight installs a shortcut to my Start Menu\Programs\Startup folder but for some reason it never launches during startup. I always have to manually start Catlight. The shortcut is valid because it does launch Catlight when I double click it so not sure why it does not run during Windows startup.

I'm currently using v2.5.10 on Windows 10. The startup shortcut is installed in C:\Users\{my username}\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup. 

Shortcut's target = C:\Users\{my username}\AppData\Local\CatLight\Update.exe --processStart "CatLight.exe" -a "--on-startup"

Shortcut's "start in" location = C:\Users\{my username}\AppData\Local\CatLight\app-2.5.10

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Can you check if the application is disabled in Windows task manager / startup?

Since it is started through Electron updater, it is listed as "Update" app from "GitHub".

You can right-click on columns in the table to show command line path to verify that specific "Update" entry relates to CatLight.

That was the problem. I probably disabled it thinking it was some auto-update for my Git stuff. Thank you!