Jenkins connection problems (error 500)

If your CatLight cannot connect to Jenkins and shows 500 server error, please check your server version. It is displayed at the bottom of every Jenkins page.

We support Jenkins versions starting from 1.644 (released in early 2016) and 2.x 

Older version of Jenkins have bugs in the API that can result in server errors. If you have old version, consider upgrading your server.

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Currently reviewing CatLight for use at my company but having a small issue. Trying to initiate a build through CatLight but receiving a "Error: Request failed with status code 500". CatLight still detects when a build fails on Jenkins. Running Jenkins version 2.46.2. Any advice? 

By default, Jenkins allows only authenticated users to start builds. Please check your connection settings to make sure that Jenkins user name and password was provided.

Just removed our Jenkins connection and added it again with credentials. Still having the same issue. The username that I provided does has access to trigger builds.

Can you attach all the logs from %appdata%\catlight\logs to a private ticket, so we could investigate this further?


Sure. I've done as you said.