Catlight dashboard does not display latest builds

My dashboard does not always display the latest build which leads to a few different problems:

  1. Sometimes when a build fails, the try icon will correctly go red but the dashboard may show an older successful build, so looking at the dashboard does not help me identify which build actually failed.
  2. Sometimes when a build fails, the dashboard will show a different failed build which was submitted by a different user earlier that day, so essentially the dashboard shows that the wrong user broke the build, which creates confusion.

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Build ordering bug was fixed in 1.1.15. You can get latest version from https://catlight.io/downloads . Just make sure you close the app before installing new version.

Thanks. FYI the beta version is what is being linked from https://catlight.io/ when clicking the Download For Windows link.

Hi Keith, what version of Catlight do you have?

v 1.0.57 Beta