Clicking "Build Now" generates a "Error: Request failed with status code 500"

Currently have CatLight connected to Jenkins version 2.46.2. CatLight will give notification when builds start/finish but will give the above error when I try to start a build through CatLight. Proper credentials are provided for Jenkins login. 

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This should be fixed in 2.11 version. 


This is what I see:

I have exactly the same problem. I can see status of a running build initiated from Jenkins web page, but I can't kick-off a build from CatLight. If I can't do this then there's little point in continuing to use CatLight.

I'm using CatLight v2.10.3 and Jenkins v2.46.3.


I submitted a private ticket yesterday. They said they were able to recreate the issue and will "provide an update when this problem is fixed"