CatLigth shows two items of the same Build Task

We use Jenkins as lokal Build-Server.

Sometimes, if a Build failed, CatLight shows two items of the same Build Task.

And this second item stay in the list also when the build already success. And I have no options to remove this second item from the list.

Is this wanted? If "yes", why?

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This problem with duplicates happened because for a specific job, some builds were for the "develop" branch, and others didn't have a branch. Possibly, because they were cancelled before the branch could be determined. 

In CatLight 2.15.4, such builds will be clearly marked with "unknown-branch" tag, and they will disappear from the dashboard after a day.

My current Version is 2.12.5 and I still hat the same problem.

Can you collect the application logs and attach them to a private ticket, so we could investigate this further? Please also provide the name of the build that has problems.

Log file location on different operating systems: https://catlight.helprace.com/i248-application-logs 

You can create a ticket at: https://catlight.helprace.com/add-ticket