Remove entries for deleted public git branches

Please add possibility to remove build status information when remote git branch associated with the build was deleted

Otherwise the view is polluted with information for past builds for branches which were long integrated into mainline and are not existing anymore. One day timeout for short lived is way too long - we create many short lived branches.

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This is an interesting idea! We currently don't request access to source control, so the app does not know which branch was deleted. 

At the moment, we offer a different way of removing old branched builds from the dashboard. If the build was made from the branch and it was inactive for some time, CatLight will hide it. You can go to edit menu/settings/branches to configure the expiration times.


one could check remote branch existence while polling the state (once every 60 seconds by default?)

Regarding automatic hiding - as far as I can see the smallest timeout is one day. Maybe you could add possibility to set less than a day, fox example "0.1".

How many branches are typically deleted in your project every day?

typically 2-5 branches are created and deleted daily (depending on number of devs actively working on the project)

The built-in method is not working for some reason.

On the forge-server repo I accidentally hit enter while typing "development" and got a "develop" branch which I quickly deleted. It has been inactive for 5 days but will not disappear even though my timer is set to 1 day.

Branches named "develop", "master", "main" and "trunk" get a special treatment, and stay on the dashboard, by default. You can go to edit menu/settings/branches and then remove "develop" from the primary branch regex to hide it.

Ah OK. I misunderstood how that was working. I didn't extend the regex window far enough to notice some are included by default.

Still, having to manually exclude that branch is a workaround at best. It's gone in GitHub and gone in Travis CI so it should be gone in CatLight.

This should still be fixed.

In CatLight 2.23 , you can now hide specific branches directly from a dashboard - https://catlight.helprace.com/i349-catlight-2-23-hide-branches-from-a-dashboard