"I will investigate" has sync problems

Recently we have seen problems with the "I will investigate" functionality. It has mainly 2 issues:

  1. A person can "hang" as "investigating" on other persons' Catlight instance, while the person in question has a Catlight instance that says he/she is not currently investigating anything. - this one is critical, because we have errors that aren't looked into for a long while, until somebody asks the person why he/she hasn't fixed the error yet...!
  2. "Investigating" isn't cleared after a green build, but must instead manually be cleared. This also leads to wrong behavior, because if a build breaks, a person investigates, fixes, build goes green, and another then breaks it shortly thereafter, the first person is still listed as "investigating", but no longer looking into the issue.

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In current implementation, CatLight will remove investigation only when the computer where it was created is online. If the user created a build investigation, went offline, and then the build turned green, investigation is not immediately removed.

I'll confirm this as a bug, and include it in our roadmap.

If you need any beta testers on alternative approaches, like a central sync service or the like, please let us know. We rely heavily on the status of Catlight, and need it to be up to date, to ensure that any blocking issues are resolved as fast as possible. :)

Hi, thanks for reporting the issue! It can be caused by network problems or it can be a bug in the app.

Can you attach the logs from the affected clients to a private ticket, so we can investigate this in detail?

On windows, logs are at %appdata%\catlight\logs.

You can create a private ticket here: https://catlight.helprace.com/add-ticket