"Cannot read property 'find' of undefined" when trying to access TFS settings

I get the above error message, when trying to click "Settings" on the TFS-server. I am using version 2.15.3

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This should be fixed in 2.18.5. The problem happened when build name collided with the folder name.

Get the latest version from https://catlight.io/downloads 

We were unable to reproduce this problem, so if someone is still experiencing it, please contact us for additional troubleshooting - https://catlight.helprace.com/add-ticket 

Running CatLight  v2.15.4. 
Running TFS 15.117.26714.0

Seems like the majority of our devs are affected by this now. 
It's particularly annoying as we are in a process of moving from XAML to vNext and no-one can add the new builds to catlight..

Hi Henrik, we are troubleshooting this problem with  over a private ticket. 

The working theory is that TFS returned some unexpected response that CatLight cannot process. It is likely that the problem was triggered by recent change (e.g. adding new build or release definitions, work item queries, build folders). 

I've asked  to use Fiddler web debugging proxy to capture the communications between TFS and CatLight, and send it to us, so we can try to pinpoint the reason for this problem.


Running CatLight  v2.15.4.
Running TFS 15.117.26714.0.
Got at least 3 co-workers with the same exact problem.

The logs don't provide me any interesting information that helps me.

2.15 adds support for TFS build folders. Maybe you have some folder with unusual name or special characters in it?

Does v2.15.3 ask TFS for something new? As v2.14.5 works just fine for us - it is only v2.15.3 having issues.

It appears that the proxy server is the root cause of the problem. The app receives a "Proxy Authentication Required" error and the monitoring process breaks down.

If you have a local firewall, or some application-specific proxy settings, you can try to adjust them to allow the app.

Please note, that the location of executables change on each upgrade (the path to executable contains a version number). You can try to add the whole %LocalApppData%\Catlight folder to firewall/proxy exceptions.

I would also like to note, that it worked fine before I upgraded to 2.15.3. My co-workers (that have not updated their Catlight yet) also still works fine.


Thank you for your reply!

I have sent the logs to you.

We run TFS 15.112.26307.0


This can happen if TFS returned unexpected information about one of the monitored objects. 

Can you send the logs from %appdata%\catlight\logs to support@catlight.io , so we would investigate this further?

Also, what is your TFS version?