Deploy Catlight to multiple users using SCCM

How can I deploy the Catlight package to more than 100 users (using MS SCCM) ?
How is licensing done automatically in that case ?

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Hi Peter,

The typical licensing and deployment workflow is as follows:

  1. Administrator buys CatLight subscription.
  2. Using a web control panel, Administrator assigns licences by providing a list of user emails. CatLight service sends an invitation to every email.
  3. User downloads and installs the app himself. CatLight is installed per-user and does not require admin permissions for installation.
  4. User signs up with his email to claim the licence that was assigned to him on step 2.

You can pre-deploy the app by running the installer under user's account using MS SCCM or AD group policy. To avoid installing the app after every reboot, you can check for existence of the folderĀ %localappdata%\CatLight. If it exists, then the app is already installed.

At the moment, users will still need to sign up with their emails before they can use the app.