Dynamically include all builds/releases

While you can select all for builds/releases, this only includes the ones present at that point in time.

We create a lot of builds/releases (as we work across lots of projects and try to create lots of small repos that do 1 thing well) - so we often have people forgetting to add all the latest ones and thus miss notifications!

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For me personally (as a dev manager), all builds in all projects, including any new projects which get added.

For our devs in the scrum teams, they might often appreciate being able to limit to the 1 or more projects they're working on to keep them focused - but would want any new builds appearing in those projects to be monitored automatically.

I don't immediately see a use case for us filtering on e.g. name, but project(s), certainly.

Perhaps based on branch might be interesting (e.g. don't care on feature branches unless it's me who broke, but develop/master is a big deal)...but that's probably an entirely separate feature.


Hi David,

1. Do you want to monitor all builds in new projects automatically, or only new builds in already known projects?

2. Do you want to monitor all new builds, or only some of them (for example, only builds that match certain name pattern)?