How to add Jenkins Connection? (Jenkins has Google Auth)

I have a Jenkins server which is configured to have Google Auth for a specific domain to be logged in. (It is an office CI tool)

Good news is, I'm Admin of that so I can do modifications to get this thing going.

Bad news is, I do not know how can I do the modification such that I can create a connection on CatLight. 

Please assist.

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We use a similar auth, with gSuite google accounts and Okta, I have tried using my userID from jenkins and the API token as mentioned but I get a "An unknown error occurred while processing the certificate" error.

Are there logs I can look at? How can we resolve this?

Every developer can use an API token instead of a password to connect to Jenkins. 

When you are logged in to Jenkins, click on your name in the upper right corner to bring up your user page.

  • Click Configure in the left side menu
  • Click the Show API Token... button.