im trying to install in ubuntu 16.04

hello lads,

but im getting this errors

 catlight depends on libicu52; however:
Package libicu52 is not installed.
catlight depends on liblttng-ust0; however:
Package liblttng-ust0 is not installed.

I searched in other posts and all i found was a fix in 15.02 where libicus52 is able to install but now, in 16.04 libicus52 does not exists and i can only get libicus55.

Can i get some help to install this in my ubuntu 16.04?



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i have a 2 days old installation :)

libicus52 is not installed with 16.04 ( you can even try using a new deployment ) neitherĀ liblttng-ust0 does... both libraries works for 15.04 i guess but not for 16.04

Seems that you tested in a upgraded 15.04 to 16.04 and not in a fresh 16.04...

Ill wait for a solution / reply on this

Thanks for your help

It should work out-of-the-box on Ubuntu 16. Do you have all OS updates installed?