Status icon

CatLight shows a status icon in tray on Windows and menu bar on Mac OS X.

When your attention is needed, CatLight will show a solid icon    . The icon will match the color of the most severe item on the dashboard.

When something is broken, but you don't need to check it, icon will change to an outline    . This happens when all items on the dashboard are being investigated or acknowledged.

When everything is good, icon is green 

When focus mode is activated, CatLight would stop showing you notifications, and icon will turn to .

Overall status Icon Build status Release status Other
Critical   Build failed Release failed  

Build partially succeeded (TFS/VSTS)

Release partially succeeded Cannot connect to the server


Environment is pending approval  

Build succeeded

Release succeeded  
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And what does the colors represent?  I've seen the red as a broken build. And I spotted somewhere that the yellow was a notifícation of configuration problems?  Could we have a concrete concise description of what the colors mean?

I've added a table with status descriptions to the article.