Wrong branch name reported in Catlight from Jenkins Multibranch pipeline

I may be doing things wrong here.

I have a Multibranch pipeline in jenkins that runs the builds for each branch - at the beginning of this pipeline I am importing a library from another git repository.


In catlight - the branch name is the one of the Library I am importing (or the tag I am importing from the library) - not the branch of the actual project. 

How is catlight detecting the branch name?

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Catlight is using Jenkins API to determine the branch name for the build.

You can check if the correct branch name is present in the API response by appending "/api/json?depth=2&pretty=true" to the URL of the build in the browser. If you can see the branch name, please send this response to us in a private ticket ( https://catlight.helprace.com/add-ticket ) , and provide the name of the correct and incorrect branch.