Rename VSTS to Azure DevOps Services


First of all, I'm a fan. Now to business ...

I just installed v2.21.1 for Windows and it shows VSTS. Microsoft renamed this to Azure DevOps Services back in September. Just a reminder to keep aligned with their naming. Also, TFS 2019 will be Azure DevOps Server 2019, just an FYI.

Also, the URL is no longer <account>.visualstudio.com, but dev.azure.com/<organization>. The old URLs will still work, but you should update your UI to match the new theme.

Also consider updating the terminology on the Azure DevOps marketplace page: https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=catlight.catlight.

Thank you.


Richard Hundhausen
Microsoft Developer Technologies MVP

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Thanks for the report, we'll update the naming in the upcoming version.