How can I add CatLight to Windows startup?

CatLight was not installed to my Start Menu's Startup folder. How can I add it there so that CatLight starts when Windows starts but only in the system tray, without opening the CatLight window? Is there a command line argument to do this?

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The latest installation (v 2.2.1 Beta) does not add CatLight to the startup on Windows 10

Thanks for reporting the problem. There was a bug with adding to startup when user name have spaces in it. It's fixed in 2.2.3 - https://catlight.io/downloads 

Thanks! Re-installing fixed it. For future reference, pass these arguments to the EXE on startup:

CatLight.exe -a "--on-startup"

Hello Keith,

Catlight should automatically add itself on windows startup on the first launch. Apparently that didn't happen in your case. Can you try installing the latest version from https://catlight.io/downloads and check if it was properly added?