Put broken and partial builds on top of list

keep alphabetical order, but broken/failed builds should be on top, followed by partial builds, then all passing ones.

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We've made a better dashboard in 1.8. Now broken builds from all projects will be collected at the top.

Implemented in 1.3.11, you can get latest version from https://catlight.io/downloads 

Not sure this is working as expected.

I've got several TFS projects, and if a build is broken it _is_ listed first within that project, but when the dashboard opens I can't see the broken build as it's not in the first 6 projects.

Can the broken build be listed at the top?


e.g. I have a TFS project called "Project A" that has 10 builds, another four projects "Project B", "Project C", "Project D" with two builds each.  This means the broken build in "Project Z" isn't visible without scrolling down the list - it is at the top of the "Project Z" builds, but as I have to scroll down to see it, it's not helpful.


The TFS build notification tool used to put all broken builds for all projects at the top, I'd like that if possible.

(Using v 1.5.2 Beta on Windows)

Hi Graham,

Currently the broken builds end up on top of each project individually. We'll pull them out of the projects in future versions.