TFS XAML builds can show old status and notifications

We have found a problem with TFS API - it does not sort XAML builds properly. As a result, occasionally it will not provide a latest build information, but return older builds instead. We have submitted bug report to Microsoft and are looking for workarounds. 


This applies only to XAML builds. Other types of builds and other build systems should work fine.

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I am using 1.3.15 on Windows 10 and this does not seem to be working.

Hi Brian,

Do you use TFS 2013 or 2015 ?

Does the app show outdated information for all XAML build definition or just for some of them?

How many builds does this build definition have?

You can send the app logs from %appdata%\catlight\logs to support@catlight.io so we would investigate this further.

After reviewing the logs we found a bug - the app could not parse the build reason from one of the builds. This is fixed in 1.4.1

We have implemented a workaround in 1.3.12. This should be working correctly now.