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I am trying to install the Windows version on a Windows 7 developer machine, we have some policies regarding execution in various folders like fx the Temp folder. When I ask the Infraguys to install it for me with elevated rights the installer just says that it failed. Any ideas? Is it possibel to get the installationfiles in a zip-archive or something?


Lennart Jansson

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We use a third-party installer and auto-updater and it likes to save files to temp folder and run them from this folder. 

Setup would not run under admin credentials, because in this case files will be owned by admin, preventing the app from normal operations later. 

Looks like you need a portable version, which is not currently available. There is an idea to create a chocolatey package that probably implies that app is portable - http://catlight.helprace.com/i46-chocolatey-package 

As a workaround, you can try to install it on some other computer without those restrictions, and copy %localappdata%\catlight to your PC. But, in this case the app will not self-update, and during beta we release fixes and improvements quite often.