Collapse server lists with overall status light

Are jobs are organized into folders with multiple jobs as it is quite a large project.

I can add each folder as a jenkins connection to CatLight no problem but there are 20-30 jobs in each jenkins folder.

It would be great if I could collapse each connection so I can see at a glance at a top level which Jenkins folder instance is causing the failure.

So as a user I would like:

- Collapse server lists with overall status light

- Aliases (friendly name) for each server connection

- Ability to sort/order the connections

- organize server connections into small scrollable cards much like JIRA Dashboard or other Dashboards have such functionality to drag/drop etc...

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I would also like to see the ideas suggested by Brian Maher implemented.

We use Jenkins Views to organise our jobs as well, and although each View can be added as a separate Connection, there is no easy way to tell them apart as they all use the same display name so it ends up being not all that useful.

In particular, I think an Alias (friendly name, display name) for the Connection, and ability to re-order Connections would improve this tool a lot.

A collapsed view with overall status for a Connection would also be very handy.

Alternatively, (and this is something we are able to do with CCTray), Connections can be distinguished using multiple instances of CatLight, each with their own Connections. This would additionally need custom tray icon support in order to distinguish between the different instances.

Thanks for providing a workaround for working with Jenkins folders. There is a related idea to list builds from folders - https://catlight.helprace.com/i63-add-support-for-cloudbees-operations-centres-and-enterprise-jenkins-masters-supporting-folders-etc 

We also started working on a new dashboard that will fit more builds on screen - https://catlight.helprace.com/i68-more-condense-build-overview