Catlight for Phabricator / Harbormaster

Catlight should support the Harbormaster build server that is part of Phabricator.

To receive the status of builds within Harbormaster, you'll need to get the user to provide an API token.  Once you have that, you can query the API endpoints in Conduit to find out:

Catlight isn't open source (from what I can see), so I can't send a pull request to add this support myself.

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We now have an open protocol. Harbormaster can implement it to get a great build notifier for their platform.

Read more at http://catlight.helprace.com/i227-open-protocol-for-integration-with-continuous-delivery-servers 

Thanks for the detailed description. We are currently working on a couple of new features, and then we'll continue adding new build systems.