Jenkins GitHub Organization Folders aren't showing builds

I use the [GitHub Organization Folders](https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/GitHub+Organization+Folder+Plugin) connected to a GitHub Enterprise along with the new Pipeline goodness to do builds.

However, catlight only shows the top-level folders.  I expected it to show the nested builds underneath.

Here is an example:

  • OrgOne
    • Uno
      • production
    • Eins
      • master
      • v2.x
      • experimental
    • Singular
      • master
  • OrgTwo
    • Duo
      • master
    • Zwei
      • master
    • Doubled
      • master
      • PR-10
      • PR-11
      • PR-12

Only the leaf nodes are actual buildable jobs. Everything else is a folder.  The Jobs that have names like `PR-XX` are github pull requests are expected to be transient (depending on the life of the pull request) do not show that anything is actually broken.

Ideally, CatLight would detect this folder layout (there are other ways to get a similar layout) and handle it gracefully:

  1. The default branch (usually `master` but can be changed) is the most important.
  2. Other branches are important too.
  3. Pull requests aren't very important, especially if people working on it together to make it work.  I'm fine with tracking these via GitHub itself.

If you contact me directly, I can send you a docker container and some simple instructions for setting up a jenkins that connects to one or more github.com organizations for you to try this setup yourself. You'll need one or more repositories with a `Jenkinsfile` in it.


- docwhat -- https://docwhat.org/

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CatLight 2.7 will automatically track jobs for active branches when GitHub Organization Folders is used.

CatLight 2.0 should show the whole Jenkins folder tree.

We've added basic support for Jenkins folders in 1.7.7 , you can give it a try - https://catlight.io/downloads . Automatic selection of builds to monitor is in our roadmap.

Hi Christian,


Thanks for the ideas and feedback!


Catlight currently does not show builds from Jenkins folders, but this task is in our backlog. Since more people are interested in this, we would bump the priority.


There is also a workaround. If you have only small number of folders, you can add them as a separate connections. You can copy-paste Jenkins url from browser window that shows that specific folder. It would look like https://ci.jenkins.io/job/Infrastructure/ , where "Infrastructure" is the name of the folder.


I hope that folder created through this github integration would behave the same way as the manually created folders.


Automatically tracking new builds based on some criteria is also in our roadmap, and we will try to account for your use case.


Related ideas: http://catlight.helprace.com/i63-add-support-for-cloudbees-operations-centres-and-enterprise-jenkins-masters-supporting-folders-etc

I am also interested in this. I will try the workaround. Thanks, please bump up!