Unable to authenticate

I just downloaded the product, and am using on premises TFS

I am trying to setup, but am getting an authentication issue.

I am not using a Proxy

I tried to use windows auth and submitting credentials (with domain name)

2016-06-03 14:40:35.8567 |  INFO | EventLogger | {"e":"Tfs.FailedToUpdateSettings","p":{"Message":"Authentication needed. Error message: "}}

2016-06-03 14:41:46.3089 | DEBUG | TfsController | Checking connection to 'http://spp-tfs:8080/tfs/NS'
2016-06-03 14:41:46.6828 | DEBUG | TfsController | Received OK status code

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In some environments with on-premise TFS authentication might not have worked properly. Fixed in 1.7.6.


Yes, the collection address is accessible from my browsers and asks for my authentication

I am using TFS 2015 Update 2

My machine is on the domain as the TFS server.

I will email the log file


Hi Jeremy,

Please make sure that you can open tfs collection address in web browser - http://spp-tfs:8080/tfs/NS and authentication is accepted there. If you have several browsers, try opening it in another one too, or try accessing it from private/anonymous mode, so that it would prompt your for credentials.

Generally, windows authentication should work best. Is your computer and windows account in the same domain as TFS server?

If you provide credentials explicitly, try using "domain\username" format for your username.

What version of TFS do you use? We support TFS 2013 Update 5 and TFS 2015. Older version might not work.

If you still have a problem, send us all the logs from %appdata%\catlight\logs to support@catlight.io and we will investigate further.