Black/white-list watched branches

Currently, CatLight informs that a build is broken even if it's just a random pull-request. It would be neat if each project could be configured to black- or white-list branches that should be watched, such that branches can be excluded from affecting the project's build status in CatLight.

A bonus would be to have individual build status per branch, where i.e. up to three branches could be selected as "favorite" branches for a project and shown with an individual traffic light on the dashboard.

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Good news, CatLight 2.5 will show individual branch status per branch and have settings to white/black list branches.

Read more at http://catlight.helprace.com/i223-catlight-2-5-monitor-builds-for-git-branches 

Download from https://catlight.io/downloads 

Great idea!

Since there are a lot of differences in branch handling between build systems, we'll implement this gradually for the build servers that we support. What source control and build system do you use?

Also, do you want to pick the specific branches manually, or would it be better to have automatic branch selection, based on the history of commits? For example - track all branches that hand my commits in the past month.

I use Git, Travis and AppVeyor. I think sensible defaults are OK, but it's guaranteed to not be a perfect match for everyone, so it should be configurable.