The menu on OS X don't follow Apple's Human Interface Guidelines

In the OS X app, the menu items look like this:

  • Catlight
    • Open Dashboard
    • Exit
  • Edit
    • Add Connection to TFS or VSTS
    • Add Connection to AppVeyor
    • Add Connection to Jenkins
    • Add Connection to Travis CI
    • Settings
    • Cut
    • Copy
    • Paste
    • Select All
    • Start Dictation
    • Emoji & Symbols
  • Help and Feedback
    • View Help
    • Provide a Suggestion
    • Report a Problem
    • About

This is not according to Apple's Human Interface Guidelines. Instead, I suggest the menus should look more like this:

  • Catlight
    • About Catlight
    • Preferences...
    • Add Connection...
    • Quit Catlight
  • Help
    • View Help
    • Provide a Suggestion
    • Report a Problem

This is more in line with the HIG, but has one (major) caveat: It requires the "Add Connection..." menu item to open a dialogue to choose which CI Provider to add. That can be avoided by adding a "Connection" menu item in place of the "File" menu item mentioned in the HIG.

Most importantly, "Settings" is called "Preferences" and should reside in the  Application ("Catlight") menu item with "About" (not under "Help"). I also think the whole "Edit" menu as it is now isn't of much use, so it can be removed.