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    Catlight for Linux

    catlight · 2 · Last reply by Ivan Borzenkov

    If you want to have a Catlight on Linux, vote for this idea.

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    auto discover new builds for a team project

    Jan Prause · 1 · Last reply by BC

    We have several team projects. I usually select one team project in CatLight, so I see all build notifications from all the builds from this team project.

    The problem is when someone creates a new build definition in this team project it is not checked in CatLight and so I don't get the notofocations. Is ist possible to "automatic discover" all builds to a team project (maybe on program start) when I have checked the complete team project in the CatLight settings?




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    Chocolatey package

    Adam Burton · 0 · Posted

    Chocolatey is an apt-get/yum/etc package manager for windows built on top of nuget.


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    Final time

    Евгений К · 0 · Posted

    When you hover on the green / red square would like to see the final time. (tooltip)

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    Manually sort the builds on the dashboard

    catlight · 2 · Last reply by catlight

    Add the ability to sort the builds on the dashboard manually.

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    similar application for get notification for 'pull request'.

    Aliens Zam · 1 · Last reply by Aliens Zam

    how about similar application for get notification for 'pull request'?

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    Octopus Deploy

    Matthew Henry · 0 · Posted

    Be awesome if you supported Octopus Deploy


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    Collapse server lists with overall status light

    Brian Maher · 2 · Last reply by Vico Duong

    Are jobs are organized into folders with multiple jobs as it is quite a large project.

    I can add each folder as a jenkins connection to CatLight no problem but there are 20-30 jobs in each jenkins folder.

    It would be great if I could collapse each connection so I can see at a glance at a top level which Jenkins folder instance is causing the failure.

    So as a user I would like:

    - Collapse server lists with overall status light

    - Aliases (friendly name) for each server connection

    - Ability to sort/order the connections

    - organize server connections into

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    Select and filter Jenkins jobs by view

    Robert Hencke · 0 · Posted

    In Jenkins, it's not uncommon to find builds organized by view, especially on Jenkins servers with hundreds of jobs.

    It would be really helpful if, when selecting Jenkins builds to monitor in CatLight, the application presented the job list in a similar fashion to Jenkins.  (Broken out by views, with the ability to easily select/deselect all jobs in a view with a single click).

    Right now, all jobs are presented in one long, alphabetical list, with no ability to filter or sort.  This makes it really tough to select a specific set of jobs to monitor.

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    Catlight for iOS

    catlight · 0 · Posted

    Create a mobile app for iOS

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    Allow to change font size / zoom.

    Serge Chouinard · 2 · Last reply by catlight

    To adjust number of builds displayed.

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    Filter visible builds dynamically

    Serge Chouinard · 2 · Last reply by catlight

    Allow to temporary filter displayed builds according to some criteria such as status, name or date of last event, in order for example to see only failed builds, those having some substring or those completed within the last hour.


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    Support Team City

    Andrew Amesbury · 2 · Last reply by catlight

    We currently have some builds on TeamCity and some on Jenkins - it's likely to remain this way for a while. Team City support would be great as we could keep an eye on our various projects from the same notification app.

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    Allow updates from within the app - auto check for update

    Alfreo · 2 · Last reply by catlight

    Would be nice to have the ability to update from the app itself instead of having to go to the website to see if a new version is available. A daily check for new update and notify if there is one. *make that configurable to turn on or off the update check*

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    Order Build Configs by last build

    BC · 3 · Last reply by catlight

    It would be nice if the build configs were ordered by the last build date instead of by name, so the latest build is shown at top and the oldest build is shown at bottom.

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    Invoke build from Catlight (for Jenkins or perhaps all)

    Patrick Szalapski · 3 · Last reply by catlight

    As a user, I want to invoke a build from the CatLight dashboard, so that I don't have to load my CI tool to do so.

    My suggestion is to provide a "build now" button for each project, but it could also be a right-click option.

    I am using CatLight for Windows.

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    On-premise installation

    catlight · 0 · Posted

    Currently, several CatLight features, like build investigations, depend on the online service. Some bigger companies has strict security requirements that expect all software to run within local network without accessing the Internet.

    This idea requests an ability to install CatLight service locally and use it within the company network.

    If you need an on-premise installation for different reason, please provide it in the comments.

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    Siren / Sound played when a build fails

    Joseph de Ronde · 0 · Posted

    Hi Guys

    I would love to see a setting that you could add a Siren sound to a build failure notification. I really wanted to install this on the computer that is connected to our projector and have the entire team informed when a build fails!! This would be great.