Common Problems

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    Application can run out of memory and crash when internet connection is absent

    catlight · 0 · Posted

    CatLight automatically checks for updates from time to time. When network connection is absent, or application cannot connect to online service, update check fails. Error message should be logged in this situation. There is a bug in logging code for this rare type of messages that starts a recursive logging cycle. After that, application consumes up to 1.2 Gb memory and then terminates.

    This problem should be fixed in v2.0 that is scheduled to be available in several weeks. 

     Meanwhile, you can just restart the application after that happens.


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    Reset "Acknowledge" when build is green again

    matthias · 2 · Last reply by catlight

    When you have acknowledged a failing build (git branch) and the build turns green again it is still marked as acknowledged. You can right-click the green build and remove the "acknowledged check".

    The "acknowledged status" should be resetted as soon as build turns green.

    Not sure about the current side-effects but I would guess that you would not notice when build turns red again since it is still marked as acknowledged. Unfortunately this is not too easy to reproduce.


    BR, Matthias

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    Catlight does not work on debian stretch

    Arkan · 3 · Last reply by Arkan

    Hi, I have debian stretch installed, and I tried to install Catlight 2.15.4, I saw that it needs libicu52 which it does not exist on stretch, so I used jessie repo to get it, then install Catlight-2.15.4.deb with dpkg, it started but with empty content, it has only menu, but it does not work if I try to sign in, or add a connection, but it can redirect me through the browser if I click on "Report a Problem".

    I attached a screenshot for it.

    Best regards,


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    I need to authorise the app every single time I start up my machine.

    Paul Guz · 2 · Last reply by Paul Guz

    It's getting rather tiring.

    I'm connecting to Team Services (

    Am running v2.0.24 Beta


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    Showing old, failed build when build has passed (CatLight v2.11.10; Jenkins 2.60.1)

    Richard Bogle · 1 · Last reply by Richard Bogle

    The connection logs in as an admin to our Jenkins server. "All builds" is checked for "Show build notifications". All options are checked for "Show notifications". Dashboard is showing old, failed build when build has passed (CatLight v2.11.10; Jenkins 2.60.1). Why are later builds not showing up?

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    Flash of white on refresh

    Asbjørn Ulsberg · 2 · Last reply by catlight

    It would be nice if the build overview refreshed in a more ajax-y way, so there's no flash of bright white background before the page is rendered. It is quite startling and annoying to have the window open and be drawn to the white blink all the time.

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    Not able to add third email to 3 user subscription

    Andrew Fornek · 1 · Last reply by catlight

    Not able to add third email to 3 user subscription. Website just hangs

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    Unable to install

    Lennart Jansson · 1 · Last reply by catlight



    I am trying to install the Windows version on a Windows 7 developer machine, we have some policies regarding execution in various folders like fx the Temp folder. When I ask the Infraguys to install it for me with elevated rights the installer just says that it failed. Any ideas? Is it possibel to get the installationfiles in a zip-archive or something?


    Lennart Jansson

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    Unable to start CatLight

    Idan Lavy · 0 · Posted


    I get a blue screen suggesting the below:

    Cannot start the app

    Please make sure that you have KB2533623 and Universal CRT installed.

    Application logs are at %APPDATA%\Catlight\Logs

    You can send the logs to and we will try to fix this.



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    A single project's build properties are not showing

    Daniel · 2 · Last reply by Daniel

    Hey there, we thought we would try Catlight and have been really enjoying it. We have noticed though that out of 10 builds that we monitor, 1 isn't relaying any information. It has a grety question mark next to it, and the spot where it should say who and when the last build was, has "None".


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    TFS all builds show up as "no builds" then refresh and send all notifications again.

    Alfreo · 3 · Last reply by catlight

    So it seems to be happening quite regularly (3 times in the last 15 minutes) where all builds I'm monitoring will just go blank and show up as ? "no builds" then will refresh after a minute or 2 and send me a whole lot of notifications about each of the build statuses. TFS 2015 Win10 machine (while most of these are XAML builds, even the vNext build showed this problem) Is the app losing connection to TFS? then getting it back after refresh period to send all notifications?

    I checked the %appdata%\catlight\logs\log.txt file and it showed just notifications were pushed.

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    Travis-CI OpenSource not all enabled Projects listed

    Ingo Fischer · 1 · Last reply by catlight

    I have >30 Github projects enabled in Travis-CI, but only 12/13 of them are listed when choosing the "settings" for Travis in CatLight. It seems that only some of the available projects are listed. It seems also to change and newly builded are somewhen later available as "Unselected" project ...

    For Appveyor all available are listed correctly.

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    cannot change credentials after password expired

    Emiliano Fisquetti · 5 · Last reply by catlight

    after tfs password change the application keeps trying to connect and i am never able to set the credentials again


    here the logs


    [2016-03-29 15:02:27.603] [INFO] main - Starting app [2016-03-29 15:02:27.626] [DEBUG] main - Starting tray... Platform: win32. App version: 1.1.20. App path: C:\Users\fisemi\AppData\Local\CatLight\app-1.1.20\resources\app.asar [2016-03-29 15:02:27.626] [INFO] main - Processing command: undefined [2016-03-29 15:02:27.626] [INFO] main - App ready [2016-03-29 15:02:27.646] [DEBUG] main - Display scale factor: 100 [2016-03-29 15:02:27.691] [DEBUG] main - Update channel: beta from C:\Users\fisemi\AppData\Local\CatLight\app-1.1.20\resources/update_channel.txt [2016-03-29 15:02:27.692] [DEBUG] main - Updater configured [2016-03-29 15:02:27.699] [DEBUG] main - Starting web on port 4175 [2016-03-29 15:02:28.166]

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    Task showing up twice

    Earth Der-Rick C-137 · 1 · Last reply by catlight

    I have a task showing up twice in the list

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    CatLigth shows two items of the same Build Task

    thomas3577 · 3 · Last reply by catlight

    We use Jenkins as lokal Build-Server.

    Sometimes, if a Build failed, CatLight shows two items of the same Build Task.

    And this second item stay in the list also when the build already success. And I have no options to remove this second item from the list.

    Is this wanted? If "yes", why?

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    On OS X, Command-Q does not quit

    Robert Hencke · 0 · Posted

    The default keystroke to quit on OS X is to press Command-Q.  However, this does not work in CatLight.

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    Dashboard is not updated after broken builds removed from VSTS

    Heath Stewart · 1 · Last reply by catlight

    We had a developer that broke a number of builds and kept trying (without investigating). Because they shouldn't have even created the CI builds directly, I removed them in the VSTS build page but now Catlight still shows them all as broken and attempts to refresh are not removing them. Seems Catlight should remove build status for builds that no longer exist.


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    Unable to install Catlight

    Jackie · 1 · Last reply by catlight


    I am running a machine with Windows 8 and I was not able to successfully install Catlight.

    Is Catlight compatible with Windows 8 or do I have to have Windows 10 in order to download it?


    Here are is my application log:

    [2016-09-16 14:00:36.334] [INFO] main - Starting app [2016-09-16 14:00:36.374] [DEBUG] main - Starting tray. OS: win32 6.3.9600 . App version: 1.8.7 ia32. App path: C:\Users\jcasey01\AppData\Local\CatLight\app-1.8.7\resources\app.asar. Total mem: 8271982592 [2016-09-16 14:00:36.374] [INFO] main - Processing command: --squirrel-install [2016-09-16 14:00:36.374] [DEBUG] main - Creating desktop shortcut [2016-09-16 14:00:36.375] [DEBUG] main - Running 'C:\Users\jcasey01\AppData\Local\CatLight\update.exe' with args '--createShortcut="C:\Users\jcasey01\AppData\Local\CatLight\app-1.8.7\CatLight.exe"  --process-start-args="--show-dashboard"  --shortcut-locations=Desktop,StartMenu'

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    Problems with Work Item tracking

    Graham Smith · 1 · Last reply by catlight

    I set up my Catlight to do work item tracking - some time ago (possibly in a beta build)

    I've just tried to add another query to my work item tracking, and the context menu where you can choose "Show All" or other options is not rendering right.  It is clipped off so that the menu/popup is completely unusable.

    In the below screenshot, "Build Failures" was set up some time ago (i don't remember when or how) and has a blue cat icon.

    The "Failed Testing" query is newly created, has a empty cat icon, and the context menu is