Common Problems

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    CatLight doesnt open correct URL when the port is different from 80

    Keim · 2 · Last reply by Keim


    Our build server runs on on port 9999.

    When i click the green or red icons, CatLight opens the URL on port 80.

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    Asbjørn Ulsberg · 1 · Last reply by Asbjørn Ulsberg

    Opening CatLight today, it shows `System.OutOfMemoryException` in the dashboard.

    It has been running for a few days, so there's probably a memory leak in there somewhere.

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    CatLight is receiving an error after authorizing vsts for catlight.

    Long Mai · 2 · Last reply by Michele Di Cosmo

    I will be sending an email with the details and log to help debug this.

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    SSL connect error

    James W. Lane · 4 · Last reply by catlight

    When setting up the connection setting for Jenkins in CatLight v2.1.4 I am getting a "Error: SSL connect error"

    The Jenkins server is hosted in AWS with a Amazon issues SSL Cert thats valid.

    Any recommendations on how to resolve this?

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    No Notifcation And Icon Color Does Not Change

    Simson Situmeang · 2 · Last reply by Simson Situmeang

    I connect CatLight to my Jenkins using authentication with API token.

    CatLight knows all the project statuses and any other information, which is good.

    But I never get any notifications. The icon color also never changes.

    My Jenkins version is 1.653.1. CatLight version is 1.8.7.

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    TFS Authentication

    Leogiciel · 2 · Last reply by catlight

    Hi guys, and thanks for the great work.

    I'm a TFS admin, and I would like to use your soft at work, but when I tested it I've seen two disturbing things in my fiddler :

    CONTEXT : TFS 2015 Update 2.1, two AD Domains, and each user has an account on each domain (ex : DOMAIN1\adminuser and DOMAIN2\admlinuser)

    1 - Seems like all requests are doubled : first one ends on a 401, and second passes (is it by design ?) :

    Result Protocol Host  URL                Body Caching             Content-Type  Process  401  HTTP  tfs:8080 /tfs/defaultcollection/_api/_identity/checkName?name=band... 341  text/html;    charset=us-ascii dnx:2328 500  HTTP  tfs:8080 /tfs/defaultcollection/_api/_identity/checkName?name=band... 20 030 private text/html;  charset=utf-8  dnx:2328 401  HTTP  tfs:8080 /tfs/defaultcollection/_api/_identity/ReadIdentitiesPageJ... 341  text/html;    charset=us-ascii dnx:2328 200  HTTP  tfs:8080 /tfs/defaultcollection/_api/_identity/ReadIdentitiesPageJ... 7 521 private, no-sto...  charset=utf-8  dnx:2328 401  HTTP  tfs:8080 /tfs/defaultcollection/TeamProject1/_apis/build/builds/?ap... 341  text/html;    charset=us-ascii dnx:2328 200  HTTP  tfs:8080 /tfs/defaultcollection/TeamProject1/_apis/build/builds/?ap... 20 304 no-cache; Expir...  charset=utf-8;... dnx:2328

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    Build start icon green

    Mscommunities1 · 0 · Posted

    The build start play icon that is shown on the windows notifications is green but the icon in the dashboard is the new yellow color. The windows toast icon should also be yellow to be consistent.

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    Simone Cherici · 2 · Last reply by Simone Cherici

    When opening the dashboard I saw this exception:

    InvalidOperationException: Nullable object must have a value.

    in default.cshtml line 65 (@definition.ShortSummary)

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    Shortcut on desktop is created everytime CatLight updates itself

    Mek · 0 · Posted

    CatLight likes to update itself in the background, without me knowing about that. Anyway, when it updates itself, it always creates a shortcut on my desktop. I don't like this behavior because I have to delete the shortcut everytime. I see no point of having a shortcut on my desktop when CatLight is always available via the tray and is set to start with Windows.

    Please do not re-create the shortcut after user deletes it.

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    Catlight dashboard does not display latest builds

    Keith · 2 · Last reply by Keith

    My dashboard does not always display the latest build which leads to a few different problems:

    1. Sometimes when a build fails, the try icon will correctly go red but the dashboard may show an older successful build, so looking at the dashboard does not help me identify which build actually failed.
    2. Sometimes when a build fails, the dashboard will show a different failed build which was submitted by a different user earlier that day, so essentially the dashboard shows that the wrong user broke the build, which creates confusion.
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    UI does not update

    Jonas · 3 · Last reply by catlight

    The content of the main Window is not automatically updated. I am using TFS 2015. This means that I cannot se who and when the build is broken. I usually hack my way around this by editing connection settings which does update the content.

    Any thought? Is it a Catlight issue or could it be something else?

    Im using 2.2.4 Beta


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    "I will investigate" shows error when clicked (and hides estimated build time) and spanner disappears before can be clicked

    Darren Wogan · 2 · Last reply by catlight

    Clicking "I will investigate" message generates a "Error: Request failed with status code 500" message and am unable to click the config icon (spanner) as disappears straight away.

    This prevents you dismissing or selecting to stop investigating, which then prevents you seeing the estimated build completion time for a fresh build.

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    Client respects http_proxy environment variable, to connect to localhost server.

    Sean Farrell · 2 · Last reply by catlight

    I am behind a NTLM proxy. To get programs like git through the proxy, I use a local authenticating proxy and define the http_proxy and https_proxy environment variables appropriately. Catlight respects these variables, which is really nice, except that I don't run the proxy all the time. Unfortunately catlight uses these variables for the "client" to connect to the server on localhost and when the proxy is not running, catlight fails to connect and the gears keep spinning and spinning.

    Please don't make the client respect the http_proxy and https_proxy environment variables to connect to the localhost.

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    Have a problem? Please share it with us and we will do our best to solve it!

    catlight · 0 · Posted
    Looking for a solution to your problem? Start by writing it here. Chances are someone has experienced it in the past and will help you resolve it.