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    Not able to add third email to 3 user subscription

    Andrew Fornek · 1 · Last reply by catlight

    Not able to add third email to 3 user subscription. Website just hangs

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    Showing old, failed build when build has passed (CatLight v2.11.10; Jenkins 2.60.1)

    Richard Bogle · 1 · Last reply by Richard Bogle

    The connection logs in as an admin to our Jenkins server. "All builds" is checked for "Show build notifications". All options are checked for "Show notifications". Dashboard is showing old, failed build when build has passed (CatLight v2.11.10; Jenkins 2.60.1). Why are later builds not showing up?

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    "I will investigate" shows error when clicked (and hides estimated build time) and spanner disappears before can be clicked

    Darren Wogan · 2 · Last reply by catlight

    Clicking "I will investigate" message generates a "Error: Request failed with status code 500" message and am unable to click the config icon (spanner) as disappears straight away.

    This prevents you dismissing or selecting to stop investigating, which then prevents you seeing the estimated build completion time for a fresh build.

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    Task showing up twice

    Earth Der-Rick C-137 · 1 · Last reply by catlight

    I have a task showing up twice in the list

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    Cannot create account in the app

    catlight · 0 · Posted

    This usually happens when the app cannot connect to the online service.

    Please check your firewall, and make sure that CatLight.exe and LocalWeb.exe processes are allowed to connect to the Internet.

    If you use a proxy server that requires manual configuration, you can go to Edit menu/Settings/Proxy and provide connection details.

    For more information, you can check the application logs at %AppData%\CatLight\Logs\log.txt

    Here is a sample error message, indicating a connection problem:


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    Bug when using OS X 10.12.4 Mission Control (multiple desktops) Full Screen Dashboard

    Chris Wasem · 1 · Last reply by Chris Wasem
    1. When giving Catlight it's own desktop to use in full screen dashboard view, the dashboard will move to it's own space after clicking on a toolbar notification.
    2. Logging back into Macbook Pro from sleep mode, the full screen dashboard & Catlight in general freezes; It requires activity monitor manual forced exit to correct. I've tested just stretching the Catlight window til almost to full screen & no freezing.
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    Not difference between disabled build def's with last build broken, and active build def's with last build broken

    Tom Kise · 1 · Last reply by catlight

    In the dashboard, there are no difference between disabled build def's with last build broken, and active build def's with last build broken, which Means, we cannot distinguish between the failed builds to work on, and which to not work on.


    We have about 10 out of 50 build definitions that are disabled due to old legacy-issues, and which we do not want to remove, because of future need to activate them.

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    Dashboard is not updated after broken builds removed from VSTS

    Heath Stewart · 1 · Last reply by catlight

    We had a developer that broke a number of builds and kept trying (without investigating). Because they shouldn't have even created the CI builds directly, I removed them in the VSTS build page but now Catlight still shows them all as broken and attempts to refresh are not removing them. Seems Catlight should remove build status for builds that no longer exist.


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    Email or password is incorrect

    Raúl · 0 · Posted

    Alwais I am getting an error when login in catlight client.

    And my password and email are corrects.

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    Unexpected character encountered while parsing value: <. Path '', line 0, position 0.

    Raúl · 2 · Last reply by catlight

    I am trying to connect for on-premise TFS, and alwais get the same error:

    "Unexpected character encountered while parsing value: <. Path '', line 0, position 0."

    and my Project Collection Url, user and password (domain\user) are correct.

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    Teamcity authentication issue if using NTLM

    Daniel Sack · 1 · Last reply by catlight


    At the moment, CatLight cannot connect to teamcity if only NTLM is used.
    GitExtensions is having the same Issue currently.
    To workaround this issue it's possible to get an authentication cookie when ntlmlogin.html page is browsed.
    This authentication cookie can than be passed for further rest calls.

    a powsershell sample can be found in the answer from mclayton on

    Br, Daniel


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    Build start icon green

    Mscommunities1 · 0 · Posted

    The build start play icon that is shown on the windows notifications is green but the icon in the dashboard is the new yellow color. The windows toast icon should also be yellow to be consistent.

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    Unable to connect to TFS2015

    Richard · 2 · Last reply by catlight

    Getting the "Something Broke Down"error when trying to add a TFS connection.

    Log file shows the following:

    [2017-02-01 15:51:10.817] [DEBUG] main - LocalWebService started
    [2017-02-01 15:51:10.819] [DEBUG] main - ApplicationManager start complete
    [2017-02-01 15:51:10.819] [DEBUG] main - Opening dashboard
    [2017-02-01 15:51:12.831] [DEBUG] main - App state changed. User signed in:  false
    [2017-02-01 15:51:13.828] [DEBUG] main - Opened dashboard on start:
    [2017-02-01 15:51:13.829] [DEBUG] main - Tray app initialization complete
    [2017-02-01 15:51:15.950] [INFO] console - Tray icon status: [object Object].
    [2017-02-01 15:51:38.799] [INFO] console - web stdout: fail
    [2017-02-01 15:51:38.799] [INFO] console - web stdout: : Microsoft.AspNetCore.Diagnostics.DeveloperExceptionPageMiddleware[0]
          An unhandled

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    TFS Query name with + symbol - broken link

    Nikita Golovin · 1 · Last reply by Nikita Golovin


    If TFS Query name contains + and I try to click this query in Catlight dashboard - link is broken. See my case example:

    • Query name: Bugs for SIT 13 (Prio+)
    • Link generated by CatLight: <TFS root path>/_workitems?path=My%20Queries/Bugs%20for%20SIT%2013%20(Prio+)&_a=query (TF401243: The query My Queries/Bugs for SIT 13 (Prio ) does not exist, or you do not have permission to read it.)
    • Correct expected link: <TFS root path>/_workitems?path=My%20Queries/Bugs%20for%20SIT%2013%20(Prio%2B)&_a=query


    Best regards,



  • 1 is quite an uninspired installer filename

    Sorin Sbârnea · 0 · Posted

    MacOS "installer" is named "" which is quite an unfortunate filename as it doesn't say anything useful: neither about the application nor about the platform.

    The standard way to deploy MacOS applications are is via "dmg" files so a filename named "catlight.dmg" would probably be much better but even a could be seend a ok. 

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    I don't seem to be able to log in to VSTS

    EvaKnievel · 2 · Last reply by catlight

    So I'm having some problems with Catlight , I've attached screenshots to show the steps I took:

    Firefox is my default browser


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    SSL connect error

    James W. Lane · 4 · Last reply by catlight

    When setting up the connection setting for Jenkins in CatLight v2.1.4 I am getting a "Error: SSL connect error"

    The Jenkins server is hosted in AWS with a Amazon issues SSL Cert thats valid.

    Any recommendations on how to resolve this?

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    Travis-CI OpenSource not all enabled Projects listed

    Ingo Fischer · 1 · Last reply by catlight

    I have >30 Github projects enabled in Travis-CI, but only 12/13 of them are listed when choosing the "settings" for Travis in CatLight. It seems that only some of the available projects are listed. It seems also to change and newly builded are somewhen later available as "Unselected" project ...

    For Appveyor all available are listed correctly.

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    An item with the same key has already been added for Jenkins views

    Peter McEvoy · 1 · Last reply by catlight

    Related issue:

    We use Jenkins folders to represent branch builds of our source.  Inside each branch, there can be multiple produts and each product can have several jenkins jobs.    In order to have a single page where we can list all the builds for a particular product, we use Jenkins Views - which are configured using a regex to dynamically pickup new jobs for new branches.

    Cat light however is puking with "An item with the same key has already been added " when we use the URL of the View page - presumably because it is getting confused due to

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    Multiple Jenkins Servers

    Yves B. · 1 · Last reply by catlight

    Hi, we have multiple jenkins server running jobs with the same name.

    Server01 has jobs JobA, JobB and JobC
    Server02 has jobs JobA, JobB and JobC

    For the setup of catlight we first configured Server01, then Server02. Both to monitor those jobs.

    Now when clicking on a job for Server02, we will be redirected to the jenkins build page of Server01.
    When adding a third server, Server03, with the same jobs, these will also redirect to Server01.