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    Lost Work Item queries

    Scott · 1 · Last reply by catlight

    On a couple of occasions in the last month I've come into work and realized CatLight has stopped notifying me of changes to work-item queries I monitor. Then on opening the CatLight window the builds+releases I'm monitoring are still listed, but all the work-item queries have been lost.

    I have to go into Settings and re-find the queries I want to monitor and select them again.

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    TFS Authentication failed. Error code: Unauthorized

    I am entering domain\ and pass

    This is the log

    2019-01-10 17:19:09.5036 | DEBUG | Web.Controllers.TfsController | 86 | Checking connection to '' 2019-01-10 17:19:09.5904 | DEBUG | Web.Controllers.TfsController | 86 | Received Unauthorized status code 2019-01-10 17:19:09.5904 | INFO | Web.Utils.EventLogger | 86 | {"e":"Tfs.UpdatingSettings","p":{"CredentialsType":"Password","AutoDetectSettings":false}} 2019-01-10 17:19:09.7041 | WARN | Web.Controllers.TfsController | 86 | Cannot save settings Web.Common.AuthenticationException: Need credentials. ---> Web.Common.AuthenticationException: Authentication failed. Error code: Unauthorized at Web.Services.Tfs.TfsAdapterBase.EnsureSuccessfulResponse(HttpResponseMessage response) in /home/buildagent/build_agent/agent-1/_work/2/s/Desktop/LocalWeb/Services/Tfs/TfsAdapterBase.cs:line 466 at Web.Services.Tfs.TfsAdapterBase.<>c__DisplayClass36_0`1.<<TfsGetWithHeaders>b__0>d.MoveNext() in /home/buildagent/build_agent/agent-1/_work/2/s/Desktop/LocalWeb/Services/Tfs/TfsAdapterBase.cs:line 372 --- End of stack trace from previous location where exception was thrown --- at Web.Services.Tfs.TfsAdapterBase.<>c__DisplayClass38_0`1.<<InvokeWithAuthRetryAndLimiting>b__0>d.MoveNext() in /home/buildagent/build_agent/agent-1/_work/2/s/Desktop/LocalWeb/Services/Tfs/TfsAdapterBase.cs:line 404 --- End of

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    "Unauthorized. Request id:xxx" error messages pop up.

    François Chabot · 2 · Last reply by François Chabot


    I am using catlight v 2.23.2. I am getting regular "Unauthorized. Request id: 2b6832baf635. You can check %appdata%...logs". This is not specific to this version, I get these errors since some time now, but it does not seem to get away. Are you aware of this?

    This is not blocking, catlight seems to be working correctly!

    Thank you!


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    Jenkins connection problems (error 500)

    Mauricio · 1 · Last reply by catlight

    2018-11-20 19:44:01.9062 | WARN | 2018-11-20 19:42:50.8661 | INFO | EventLogger | 8 | {"e":"App.Running","p":{"Modules":1,"ModuleStats":[{"Type":"jenkins"}],"PollingPeriod":"00:01:00","UpTime":"00:01:00","ClientId":"b55065cb2d74410aa3a7fac4e879404d","Os":"Windows"}} 2018-11-20 19:43:50.3466 | INFO | EventLogger | 4 | {"e":"Jenkins.EditConnectionSettings","p":null} 2018-11-20 19:44:00.9994 | INFO | EventLogger | 14 | {"e":"Jenkins.UpdatingSettings","p":{"CredentialsType":"Anonymous"}} 2018-11-20 19:44:01.1144 | DEBUG | JenkinsAdapter | 14 | 50db | Configuring adapter for 'http://localhost:8080/jenkins' 2018-11-20 19:44:01.1517 | DEBUG | ConfigurationManager | 14 | Saving settings: Web.Services.ServerSettings 2018-11-20 19:44:01.2121 | INFO | EventLogger | 8 | {"e":"Builds.EditBuildSettings","p":{"ModuleType":"jenkins"}} 2018-11-20 19:44:01.2121 | DEBUG | ConfigurationManager | 19 | Web proxy not configured. 2018-11-20 19:44:01.8834 | INFO | EventLogger | 19 | {"e":"Builds.EditMonitoringSettings","p":{"ModuleType":"jenkins"}} 2018-11-20 19:44:01.8834 | DEBUG |

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    Problem with an account

    Esposto · 1 · Last reply by catlight

    Hello ,

    We have a problem with one account, we don't see the licence we only have the trial . Can you help me plz ?

    The user receive the mail but he still have a licence trial, but i see it on my subscription list .

    Account : <redacted>

    Best regards,

    Samuel Esposto

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    Auto-approve does not appear to be working

    Peter McEvoy · 2 · Last reply by Peter McEvoy

    We've recently purchased 20 licenses for our developers and it does not appear that users from our domain are getting added to the Team that is associated with those licenses.  My manger purchased the licenses and does not need (or want) to use catlight himself and thus does not want to take up a license. 

    He setup the team and enabled auto-approve, but existing and new users from our domain are not visible in the team.  I have tried sending invites for the team, but that does not seem to allocate licenses either.

    I'm unable to find the correct documentation

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    Wrong branch name reported in Catlight from Jenkins Multibranch pipeline

    Guillaume Mulocher · 1 · Last reply by catlight

    I may be doing things wrong here.

    I have a Multibranch pipeline in jenkins that runs the builds for each branch - at the beginning of this pipeline I am importing a library from another git repository.


    In catlight - the branch name is the one of the Library I am importing (or the tag I am importing from the library) - not the branch of the actual project. 

    How is catlight detecting the branch name?

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    When signing into the catlight website no matter what password I enter it says invalid password

    Andrew Eiche · 1 · Last reply by catlight

    When I try to log in. I am using lastpass to generate a password and both the auto generator and copying and pasting seem to be failing.

    I have reset my many many times

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    Catlight shows GREEN system tray icon when VSTS is unreachable

    Icnatejackson · 1 · Last reply by catlight

    VSTS has been down all day due to an Azure issue. Service throwing http 500s all day. Catlight should not show GREEN during this time. Should be RED.

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    HTTP session not maintained on login

    AJ Ashkar · 2 · Last reply by catlight

    Looks like on build poll, it's logging in every time.  For users that have 1 time tokens, re-authentication will have to rely on HTTP session

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    Unable to Change plan Using Chrome or Firefox or IE

    Sam · 2 · Last reply by catlight

    Hi team, 

    Our subscription is auto renewing on the 6th April:- Accounts under

     I am checking to see what other option we have in terms  of number of users.

    I clicked on the Change plan, first used to get an error message unable to get renewal date . But now seeing a blank page.

    Any suggestions ?

    Best Regards,


    Best R

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    Builds triggered from CatLight always fail

    Dick · 3 · Last reply by catlight

    we are using v2.16.2 with TFS2017U3. When triggering a build from the CatLight Dashboard, it always fails, while the source.sourcebranch is wrong: It is like: "$/1f514959-d477-4a4a-ada9-96806bc37ce8/features/feat110" While it should be like: "$/Project/features/feat110"

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    Catlight does not work on debian stretch

    Arkan · 3 · Last reply by Arkan

    Hi, I have debian stretch installed, and I tried to install Catlight 2.15.4, I saw that it needs libicu52 which it does not exist on stretch, so I used jessie repo to get it, then install Catlight-2.15.4.deb with dpkg, it started but with empty content, it has only menu, but it does not work if I try to sign in, or add a connection, but it can redirect me through the browser if I click on "Report a Problem".

    I attached a screenshot for it.

    Best regards,


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    build investigation feature is hidden

    andi · 1 · Last reply by catlight


    I just stumbled onto an issue.

    I was wondering why the build investigation feature was not showing up, although I added my credentials for the jenkins build server.

    It turns out that the feature only works when you provide base url for the jenkins server:


    if you provide a link to a filtered view like


    the jobs will show show up in catlight, like they are specified in the jenkins view, but the build investigation feature will not work.

    This is not a big problem and can be avoided easily. But I thought you might want

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    Connecting to TFS - Response status code does not indicate success: 400 (Bad Request).

    Patrick · 1 · Last reply by catlight

    Unfortunately CatLight does not seem to be working.

    I seem to be able to successfully authenticate with my domain account and select the Builds, Releases and Workitems, however, I then get a 400 error.

    Could you please advise what my issue may be?

    Please refer to attached log files and screenshot.

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    Unable to start CatLight

    Idan Lavy · 0 · Posted


    I get a blue screen suggesting the below:

    Cannot start the app

    Please make sure that you have KB2533623 and Universal CRT installed.

    Application logs are at %APPDATA%\Catlight\Logs

    You can send the logs to and we will try to fix this.



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    Shortcut on desktop is created everytime CatLight updates itself

    Mek · 0 · Posted

    CatLight likes to update itself in the background, without me knowing about that. Anyway, when it updates itself, it always creates a shortcut on my desktop. I don't like this behavior because I have to delete the shortcut everytime. I see no point of having a shortcut on my desktop when CatLight is always available via the tray and is set to start with Windows.

    Please do not re-create the shortcut after user deletes it.

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    Can not login in catlight app to activate license

    Morten · 3 · Last reply by catlight

    On Windows PC trying to log in to the app to active the licens I get this error: an error occurred while sending the request - we have a http proxy but as far as we can see it allows the http/https traffic to * to pass through. Is it possible to active some verbose logging in catlight app to investigate further? Regards Morten

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    Not able to add third email to 3 user subscription

    Andrew Fornek · 1 · Last reply by catlight

    Not able to add third email to 3 user subscription. Website just hangs