• CatLight Pro

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    Since the beginning of the project, we announced that CatLight will be free for small teams, and there will be a paid version for bigger companies.


    We are introducing CatLight Pro - a version of the app for business users. This version can monitor any number of build definitions and work item queries. It also includes priority support. You can buy a monthly or annual subscription to CatLight Pro using a credit card. For pricing details, see https://catlight.io/editions


    Free edition is available for individuals and companies that have 3 users or less. This version can monitor up to

  • VSTS compatibility update

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    VSTS is going to have a breaking change in the API: unique account id will have a different value in a couple of months. We are rolling out an update that will make CatLight compatible with this change.

    If you notice any problems, let us know.

    Compatibility fix is implemented in v2.2.4


  • New tray icons for acknowledged status

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    CatLight 2.2 adds a new set of tray icons. You will see a colored outline icon when something is broken, but it does not need your attention.

    For example, if the build is broken, but somebody is investigating it, you will get an colored outline icon in tray.

    Another example is acknowledging a list of work items.

  • Catlight for TeamCity

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    Catlight 2.1 can now track the status of TeamCity builds.


    We support TeamCity 8+.



  • CatLight 2.0 with work item tracking

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    Exciting news - CatLight 2.0 beta is here! 

    Work item status tracking

    CatLight can now track work items in TFS 2015 and VSTS. You can select an existing query and choose a tracking mode:

    • Show all - use this for queries that should return empty result when everything is ok, and for queues of short-term work. For example: "Important open bugs", "Urgent tasks", "Bugs to verify today".
    • Show changes - use this to track changes in long-term queues of work, like "My tasks", "Backlog", "Recent bugs".

    The app will run the query every minute, check for changes, and notify you

  • Catlight for Linux

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    Good news! Catlight 1.8 runs on Linux!

    Currently we support Ubuntu 14 x64 and it should also run on recent Debian. 

    Ubuntu 15 and 16 will be supported in a couple of weeks, after .Net Core release.

    Get it from https://catlight.io/downloads 

  • New builds dashboard

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    CatLight 1.8 has a brand-new dashboard!

    Summary of changes:

    • Multi-column view. Make it full-screen to see dozens of builds at once. Also should work great as a shared build screen, visible for the whole team.
    • Broken builds are now collected from all connections and are moved to the top.
    • Grouping by project is gone to fit more builds on the screen.
    • Build history & progress.
    • Dynamic updates - no more flashes.



  • Upgraded to .Net Core RC2

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    Good news, everyone!

    Windows version of Catlight 1.7 now runs on .Net Core RC2.

    This upgrade required a lot of changes, but the app should now be less dependent on the environment.

    If you spot some problems, be sure to tell us about them, and we'll fix them promptly.

  • Build investigations

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    Catlight 1.6 has a new feature - build investigations. When a build is broken, all team members will see a button inviting them to investigate the build and fix it.

    Read more at the Catlight Blog

  • Support for HTTP proxy with authentication on Windows

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    In Catlight 1.5 you can use HTTP/HTTPS proxy that requires authentication. To do that, in main menu, go to edit/settings/proxy tab. 

    By default, Catlight will use system-wide proxy settings, so the manual configuration is needed only for proxies that need username and password, or if you don't want to change the proxy settings in OS.

    Get the latest version from https://catlight.io/downloads

  • Catlight for Travis CI

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    Catlight can now show build status notifications for Travis CI. Try it out on OS X and Windows!

  • Catlight for Jenkins

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    Catlight can now show build status notifications for Jenkins continuous integration system.

    Public and private servers are supported. You can connect anonymously of using your credentials.

  • Catlight for AppVeyor

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    Catlight now works with AppVeyor!

    You can get build notifications for your public and private projects right in your tray (or in a menu bar, on OS X).


    Read more: Desktop build status notifications for AppVeyor

  • Catlight for Mac OS X is now available

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    You can now see TFS and VSTS build status in a menu bar.

    Mac OS X version has the same features as Windows version and can connect to on-premise Team Foundation Server of Visual Studio Online.


    Download Catlight build notifications for Mac OS X

  • Catlight is in beta. Share your thoughts and ideas with us.

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    Catlight is under active development and new versions are released weekly. Share your experience and ideas with us, and you might see them in the app quite soon.