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    similar application for get notification for 'pull request'.

    Aliens Zam · 2 · Last reply by m.r.

    how about similar application for get notification for 'pull request'?

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    Chocolatey package

    Adam Burton · 0 · Posted

    Chocolatey is an apt-get/yum/etc package manager for windows built on top of nuget.


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    Final time

    Евгений К · 0 · Posted

    When you hover on the green / red square would like to see the final time. (tooltip)

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    auto discover new builds for a team project

    Jan Prause · 1 · Last reply by BC

    We have several team projects. I usually select one team project in CatLight, so I see all build notifications from all the builds from this team project.

    The problem is when someone creates a new build definition in this team project it is not checked in CatLight and so I don't get the notofocations. Is ist possible to "automatic discover" all builds to a team project (maybe on program start) when I have checked the complete team project in the CatLight settings?




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    Manually sort the builds on the dashboard

    catlight · 2 · Last reply by catlight

    Add the ability to sort the builds on the dashboard manually.

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    Octopus Deploy

    Matthew Henry · 0 · Posted

    Be awesome if you supported Octopus Deploy


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    Select and filter Jenkins jobs by view

    Robert Hencke · 0 · Posted

    In Jenkins, it's not uncommon to find builds organized by view, especially on Jenkins servers with hundreds of jobs.

    It would be really helpful if, when selecting Jenkins builds to monitor in CatLight, the application presented the job list in a similar fashion to Jenkins.  (Broken out by views, with the ability to easily select/deselect all jobs in a view with a single click).

    Right now, all jobs are presented in one long, alphabetical list, with no ability to filter or sort.  This makes it really tough to select a specific set of jobs to monitor.

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    Collapse server lists with overall status light

    Brian Maher · 2 · Last reply by Vico Duong

    Are jobs are organized into folders with multiple jobs as it is quite a large project.

    I can add each folder as a jenkins connection to CatLight no problem but there are 20-30 jobs in each jenkins folder.

    It would be great if I could collapse each connection so I can see at a glance at a top level which Jenkins folder instance is causing the failure.

    So as a user I would like:

    - Collapse server lists with overall status light

    - Aliases (friendly name) for each server connection

    - Ability to sort/order the connections

    - organize server connections into

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    Catlight for iOS

    catlight · 0 · Posted

    Create a mobile app for iOS

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    Ability to put the build at the top of the queue when using "Build now"

    catlight · 0 · Posted

    It would be nice to allow the changing of an existing build's priority level like can be done in Visual Studio. Also, allow the explicit setting of the build priority when initiating a new build from the context menu "Build Now" option. This would be helpful after fixing broken builds and bumping them  towards the top.

    (suggested by Eric)

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    Allow to change font size / zoom.

    Serge Chouinard · 2 · Last reply by catlight

    To adjust number of builds displayed.

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    Filter visible builds dynamically

    Serge Chouinard · 2 · Last reply by catlight

    Allow to temporary filter displayed builds according to some criteria such as status, name or date of last event, in order for example to see only failed builds, those having some substring or those completed within the last hour.


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    On-premise installation

    catlight · 0 · Posted

    Currently, several CatLight features, like build investigations, depend on the online service. Some bigger companies has strict security requirements that expect all software to run within local network without accessing the Internet.

    This idea requests an ability to install CatLight service locally and use it within the company network.

    If you need an on-premise installation for different reason, please provide it in the comments.

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    Siren / Sound played when a build fails

    Joseph de Ronde · 0 · Posted

    Hi Guys

    I would love to see a setting that you could add a Siren sound to a build failure notification. I really wanted to install this on the computer that is connected to our projector and have the entire team informed when a build fails!! This would be great.

    Cheers Joe.

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    Catlight for Android

    catlight · 0 · Posted

    Create a Catlight mobile app for Android

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    Reconcile notifications

    BC · 0 · Posted

    It would be awesome if you could add reconcile notifications after TFS gated checkin. Just like the VS build notification app does.

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    Dashboard view to show all running & queued builds across all selected projects

    bpsmicro · 0 · Posted

    One useful feature of the old TFS Build Manager (non-functional for vNext) is to be able to have a single view showing *all* queued & running builds across all projects at once, so we can see at a glance what our build machines are up to.

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    Add tool tips on light bank.

    David Boss · 0 · Posted

    Add tool tips on light bank so when you hover over each light it tells you the build info. could include name of contributor that caused the build, build label, name or number and time.

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    Custom colors for color-blind people

    Craig Monroe · 0 · Posted


    I love your product, but when opening the dashboard it is very difficult to see the short history represented by Red and Green boxes. It would be extremely helpful if the colors could be modified in the dashboard so we could use something custom, for example a blue/red combo (like jenkins) to be able to see clearly.

    Thanks for your consideration,


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    Full screen mode

    Paul DeMello · 1 · Last reply by catlight

    I want to put this on a huge screen in my office.   With big text and big green/red squares.  How do I do that?   How can I zoom?

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    Get rid of all those useless window animations

    Sorin Sbârnea · 1 · Last reply by Sorin Sbârnea

    How about getting rid of all those confusing window animations of CatLight? My head hurts every time I click the cute cat icon.

    I don't know if this anti-feature is available on all platforms but on MacOS its insane, I just made me remove the app.

    I am back to CCMenu which behaves predictably by opening a window under the icon.

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    Display different icon for cancelled build and return status to previous build

    Graham Hobson · 3 · Last reply by Mr Bedo

    I build was broken and displayed as such.

    The next action then was - someone tried to fix it and then started a build. They then had a change of heart, having thought of something and cancelled the build.

    The dashboard icon for the individual build should change from the white arrow on green (running/queued build) to a new icon for cancelled. The overall status of the build definition should be taken from the last completed build and should not remain as running, so in this case should change from the large green arrow to the white cross in a red circle.

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    Make currently building more visible

    Howard Richards · 0 · Posted

    When a build is running it changes the tick to a green arrow - this nice but does not stand out visually compared to the green tick.

    Perhaps change the background colour of a running build to green or blue perhaps?

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    portable install

    William Jones · 0 · Posted

    Similar to

    In this case it would just be an archive with the exe.

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    Redmine support

    catlight · 0 · Posted

    Add support for monitoring issues in Redmine

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    Add and remove projects automatically

    Marc Ende · 1 · Last reply by catlight

    It would be great if projects are added and removed automatically.

    I've got some jobs in jenkins which are created and deleted automatically (for pull-requests). It would be great if they can be shown in catlight automatically.

    Regarding automatic jobs as mentioned above:

    • There should be some kind of regex to decide which are shown automatically (like the jobs in the listview in jenkins)
    • The automatic addition should be turned off/on manually. 
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    Remove entries for deleted public git branches

    m.r. · 1 · Last reply by m.r.

    Please add possibility to remove build status information when remote git branch associated with the build was deleted

    Otherwise the view is polluted with information for past builds for branches which were long integrated into mainline and are not existing anymore. One day timeout for short lived is way too long - we create many short lived branches.

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    API Hooks

    Colter McQuay · 1 · Last reply by haniball

    Just downloaded your application and I'm really impressed.  It works really well.  I'm currently working on some continuous deployment stuff for the company I work at and specifically running scripts on a local machine as a result of a particular build succeeding, failing etc.

    It would be really awesome to be able to leverage all of the polling and notification stuff that you guys are already doing and be able to react to certain events (i.e. run a script when Project A succeeds -> passing in build context perhaps to the script).


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    Build Now for multiple build definitions

    catlight · 0 · Posted

    It would be great if I could select multiple build definitions to queue multiple builds at once.

    Suggested by Rie.

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    Choose Catlight's logo

    Dubol · 2 · Last reply by Dubol


    I prefer dogs than cats, :-)

    Could we set another logo to display or choose some preset logos ?


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    Support for CruiseControl.Net

    BrightLight · 0 · Posted

    Please add support for CruiseControl.Net (

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    Dynamically include all builds/releases

    David Richards · 2 · Last reply by David Richards

    While you can select all for builds/releases, this only includes the ones present at that point in time.

    We create a lot of builds/releases (as we work across lots of projects and try to create lots of small repos that do 1 thing well) - so we often have people forgetting to add all the latest ones and thus miss notifications!

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    Support Travis Enterprise

    The Travis Support is cool... can we add Travis Enterprise support?  I think it is basically the same except that the URL will be different.

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    Link to build console when succeed/failed message popup

    Henry.T · 0 · Posted

    When build succeed, I want to go directly to console page for the artificial.

    When build failed, I want to go directly to console page for error checking.

    So it will be great to have a way to jump there!

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    Atlassian Bamboo integration

    Piotr Wasilewski · 1 · Last reply by catlight


    In my company we are using Bamboo ( and I would love to be able to use CatLight with it.



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    Differentiate builds that partially succeed vs builds that fail

    John Shkolnik · 0 · Posted

    I'd want to be notified of a complete build failure but not necessarily a partial one because it might be a while before it's fixed, which means every build will trigger a notification and become simply noise. I would want a notification when build quality worsens, though.

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    Per-build or per-type notifications

    John Shkolnik · 0 · Posted

    Use cases:

    1. I want to be notified whenever any of my gated builds finish, regardless of state.
    2. I want to be notified whenever any of my builds complete.
    3. I want to be notified whenever any selected build fails, but not the ones I just want to monitor silently.
    4. I want to be notified whenever the build quality changes on any of my builds.
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    Post to slack when clicking 'I will investigate'.

    Jouke · 0 · Posted

    This will make it useful on a team where not everyone is using the app.

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    Advanced Notification Settings

    catlight · 0 · Posted

    I would like to change the notification settings in a more detailed way:

    I want to get a "Build starts"-notification if I start a build and a "Build succeeds"-notification if it succeeds, but when other people start a build I only want to see the "Build starts"-notification because it could interrupt my work. It's not necessary for me to see the "Build succeeds"-notification.

    (Suggested by Michael)

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    Icon similar to github

    Mscommunities1 · 0 · Posted

    Is it me or is the catlight icon very similar to that of github? This is especially true when its a small icon in the taskbar.

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    Use logos in the dashboard

    Asbjørn Ulsberg · 0 · Posted

    To make the dashboard easier to scan visually, it would be nice if each SCM provider was identified by its logo. It would also be nice to have logos for each organization/repository. Please take a look at how Gitter has solved the latter. Here's a screenshot from my Gitter dashboard:

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    Collapse team projects when selecting builds to monitor

    Scott Langham · 3 · Last reply by catlight

    I raised the following idea, and am really happy it seems to have been implemented so quick. Maybe you were already doing it :)

    The list of builds is now showing as a tree view. One vital feature is really missing though! It's still a massive list to scroll through, could one of the following be added to solve it:

    - Show the tree view with all items initially collapsed, so I can expand just the team project I'm interested in.

    - Have a "collapse all" button.

    - Remember the previous collapse/expand state of each node so every time

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    Configure Projects to not effect the Dashboard status

    Matthias Kretschmar · 0 · Posted

    I have some Projects that only have the status FAILED or WARNING. They never hav status SUCCEEDED.

    I would like this projects not to turn my CatLight DashboardIcon to yellow. My only workaround  at the current point is to remove my project from the Dashboard or doen't use the color of the Icon.

    Maybe I could projects to be ignored when checking if DashboardStatus is WARNING or SUCCEEDED.

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    Catlight for Phabricator / Harbormaster

    June Rhodes · 2 · Last reply by catlight

    Catlight should support the Harbormaster build server that is part of Phabricator.

    To receive the status of builds within Harbormaster, you'll need to get the user to provide an API token.  Once you have that, you can query the API endpoints in Conduit to find out:

    • A list of repositories the user has access to:
    • A list of branches in each repository:
    • With the commit hashes, you then need find out the internal PHIDs (unique identifiers) of those commits with: 
    • Then you can query the pass / fail status of those commits by passing those PHIDs in as "buildablePHIDs"