• CatLight 2.23 - Hide branches from a dashboard

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    In the new version of CatLight app, you can hide items from a context menu on a dashboard.

    This can be useful to stop monitoring specific branches of multi-branch builds.

    If you want to show all branches again, go to settings, and click on a branch icon near the build definition name.

    Get the latest version from https://catlight.io/downloads

  • CatLight 2.22 - Faster refresh and connection sorting

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    New in this version:

    • Re-order connections on the dashboard
    • Dashboard refresh will now be faster, and you also get an option to do a deeper force-refresh by holding ctrl and clicking on the refresh button.
  • CatLight 2.21 - Team status

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    You can now see the status of your team members on the dashboard.

    For every user, this report will show the number of items in different states on their dashboards.

    To add this report, go to teams menu -> show team status.

  • CatLight 2.20 - Teams

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    You can create a team in new version of CatLight to collaborate together. This is an intermediate release that will enable upcoming features.

    CatLight 2.20 now works with Ubuntu 18 and has a number of minor UI fixes.

  • CatLight 2.19 - Reliability improvements for large TFS/VSTS servers

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    New version of CatLight has improved reliability when monitoring TFS servers with hundreds of build definitions and work item queries.

    Download it from https://catlight.io/downloads

  • CatLight 2.18 - Performance improvements

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    CatLight 2.18 has a number of performance improvements, and should be able to start up quicker.

    This version also includes a security fix for the problem discovered by Suhas Gaikwad.

  • CatLight 2.17 - Auto-discovery of new builds

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    CatLight 2.17 will automatically discover new builds, releases and work item queries. When you monitor the whole project, and new item is added to it, CatLight will start monitoring it automatically.

    By default, discovery happens every 30 minutes, but you can trigger it at any time by pressing refresh button on the dashboard. Discovery period is configurable in application settings. Keep in mind that this process can create a significant load on your server, so we advise to do it infrequently.

  • CatLight 2.16 - Enterprise Edition

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    Introducing CatLight Enterprise!

    You can now run CatLight services on your own hardware behind the firewall. This will be useful for companies with strict security requirements.

    Contact us at support@catlight.io for installation instructions and trial license.

  • Infrastructure updates

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    We have updated our back-end infrastructure to improve the system performance.

    If you experience any problems, feel free to report them at https://catlight.helprace.com/add-ticket or directly to support@catlight.io

  • CatLight 2.15 - TFS build folders and connection rename

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    New in CatLight 2.15:

    • TFS build folders are now supported.
    • Server title can be changed in settings.
    • Linux version now supports Ubuntu 16 and no longer supports Ubuntu 14.
  • CatLight 2.14 - Green cat and High Sierra support

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    When all your builds and tasks are in a good shape, CatLight icon will now turn green.

    Get the latest version from https://catlight.io/downloads 

    CatLight 2.14 also supports new Mac OS High Sierra (10.13). However, it can no longer run on old versions of Mac OS (10.11 and older) due to compatibility limitations of .Net Core. If you want to stay on older version of Mac OS, you can still use 2.12 version of the app.

  • CatLight 2.12 - Focus mode

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    Getting distracted by too many notifications? Try the new focus mode. CatLight icon will turn white, and you will get notifications only if you break the build.

    Focus mode will be active for 12 hours.

  • CatLight 2.11 - UI Updates

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    In this release we have multiple UI updates in the app, and several bugfixes.

  • CatLight 2.10 - Search on the dashboard

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    New dashboard has a search field that will filter builds and task by name.

    Additionally, you can search by id of the specific build or task to highlight it on the dashboard.

    Get new version from https://catlight.io/downloads 


  • CatLight 2.9 - Release monitoring for TFS and VSTS

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    CatLight can now monitor release definition status in TFS and VSTS.

    New features:

    • Notifications about the status of every release environment
    • Separate notification when release is waiting for your approval
    • Overall status and history on the dashboard
    • Release investigations

    Supported server versions:

    • VSTS
    • TFS 2017
    • TFS 2015 Update 2 and newer

    For VSTS, you will need to re-authorize the app, as additional permissions are required.

    Get the new version from https://catlight.io/downloads 

  • CatLight 2.8 - Acknowledge build state

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    Sometimes the build is going to be red or yellow for a while. In CatLight 2.8, you can acknowledge it in context menu and focus on other builds.




    You can use this feature to see up-to date status of other builds in a tray icon. When all broken builds are acknowledged, tray icon will show a yellow outline cat. If new build breaks down, tray icon will turn a solid yellow or red. This will remind you that you have new things to fix.


    Other changes in this release:

    • Performance optimizations for Work Item monitoring in
  • CatLight 2.7 - Jenkins improvements (performance + branches)

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    We have a new Jenkins adapter implementation in CatLight 2.7. It has several improvements:

    • Faster polling times when only small number of jobs is monitored.
    • Reduced server load on Jenkins server that has hundreds of jobs.
    • Better integration with Multibranch Pipeline and GitHub organization plugins. CatLight will now show branch-jobs as branches. You can select top-level job in monitoring settings, and CatLight will automatically monitor child jobs for active branches. You can fine-tune branch monitoring in global app settings.
  • Open protocol for integration with continuous delivery servers

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    Introducing CatLight Protocol 1.0 - an open standard for continuous delivery servers. CatLight app can now connect to any server that implements this protocol.


    New protocol is a replacement for obsolete cc.xml format that was created over a decade ago, and no longer meets the feature set of modern build systems.


    CatLight protocol has native support for branches, folders, consistent build history, authentication, caching and selective loading. It provides enough information for CatLight app features like build investigations, automatic branch tracking and personalized build dashboard.


    We invite developers of continuous delivery servers to implement this protocol to

  • CatLight 2.5 - Monitor builds for Git branches

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    CatLight 2.5 now works with Git branches, and will show a separate build history for each branch.

    We divide branches in four categories:

    • Primary - they will be always visible on the dashboard. They include branches like master, develop, trunk, etc.
    • Short-lived - those are branches for pull requests. CatLight will show them for one day on the dashboard.
    • Other - this is a category for feature, bugfix and release branches. They will be tracked while they are active, and had at least one build in the past week.
    • Ignored - those branches will not be monitored. You can hide
  • CatLight 2.4

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    We implemented several changes in this release:

    • Sorting order for the dashboard can be configured in settings
    • Force-refresh button at the bottom of the dashboard
    • Don't show work item changes that I made myself - configured in settings
    • Showing total work item count in full-screen view