Knowledge Base: Features

  • Status icon

    CatLight shows a status icon in tray on Windows and menu bar on Mac OS X.

    When your attention is needed, CatLight will show a solid icon    . The icon will match the color of the most severe item on the dashboard.

    When something is broken, but you don't need to check it, icon will change to an outline    . This happens when all items on the dashboard are being investigated or acknowledged.

    When everything is good, icon is green 

    When focus mode is activated, CatLight would stop showing you notifications, and icon will turn to .

  • Build investigations

    When a build is broken, all team members will see a button inviting them to investigate the build and fix it.

    When the build is being investigated, the tray icon will change to its acknowledged state for the whole team.


    Build investigation status is displayed on the dashboard.

    After the build is fixed, the investigation will be automatically removed.

    Build investigations expire in 24 hours. So, if someone pressed the button and forgot about it, CatLight will raise an alarm on the next day.

    This feature is available for all continuous integration servers that we support. User need

  • Separate build history for branches

    CatLight works with GIT branches. It will show a separate build history for each branch and pull request.

     We divide branches in four categories:

    • Primary - they will be always visible on the dashboard. They include branches like master, develop, trunk, etc.
    • Short-lived - those are branches for pull requests. CatLight will show them for one day on the dashboard.
    • Other - this is a category for feature, bugfix and release branches. They will be tracked while they are active, and had at least one build in the past week.
    • Ignored - those branches will not be monitored. You can
  • Release monitoring

    CatLight app can monitor release definition status in TFS and VSTS/Azure Devops.


    • Notifications about the status of every release environment
    • Separate notification when release is waiting for your approval
    • Overall status and history on the dashboard
    • Release investigations
  • Work item monitoring

    Catlight can monitor work items (tasks & bugs) in a TFS/VSTS project. It will notify you about the changes and show the current status in tray.

    You can use existing work item queries to select tasks and bugs that you want to monitor. Choose one of two modes:

    • Show all - use this for queries that should return empty result when everything is OK, and for queues of short-term work. For example: “Important open bugs”, “Urgent tasks”, “Bugs to verify today”, “Bugs to review”.
    • Show changes - use this to track changes in long-term queues of work, like “My tasks”,
  • See only relevant notifications

    By default, CatLight can show you a lot of notifications, so that you can see how the app works.

    To change this, go to edit menu/settings.

    For long-term use you can make the following changes

    • Notifications
      • Choose "My Builds" to see less notifications. You can still see the status from all monitored builds in tray.
      • Uncheck "Show notifications when I change a work item"
    • Dashboard
      • Check "Don't show work item changes that I made myself"
    • Branches
      • Choose "Track My Branches"
  • Team status

    CatLight can show the status of your team members 

    For every user, this report will show the number of items in different states on their dashboards.

    To add this report, go to teams menu > show team status.