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    CatLight cannot start on OSX 10.13 (high sierra)

    Oran Shuster · 3 · Last reply by catlight

    OS is MacOS 10.13 (high sierra)

    When running catlight i get a blank screen and an error that localweb has crashed
    running localweb from terminal i get the following logs

    Initializing logging. path: /Applications/
    OS: 'Mac'
    AppData path: '/Users/oranshus'
    Initialized logging.
    Hosting environment: Production
    Content root path: /Applications/
    Now listening on: http://localhost:5000
    Application started. Press Ctrl+C to shut down.
    [1] 7218 segmentation fault ./LocalWeb

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    CatLight doesnt open correct URL when the port is different from 80

    Keim · 2 · Last reply by Keim


    Our build server runs on on port 9999.

    When i click the green or red icons, CatLight opens the URL on port 80.

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    Jenkins connection problems (error 500)

    catlight · 1 · Last reply by Harman

    If your CatLight cannot connect to Jenkins and shows 500 server error, please check your server version. It is displayed at the bottom of every Jenkins page.

    We support Jenkins versions starting from 1.644 (released in early 2016) and 2.x 

    Older version of Jenkins have bugs in the API that can result in server errors. If you have old version, consider upgrading your server.

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    Reset "Acknowledge" when build is green again

    matthias · 2 · Last reply by catlight

    When you have acknowledged a failing build (git branch) and the build turns green again it is still marked as acknowledged. You can right-click the green build and remove the "acknowledged check".

    The "acknowledged status" should be resetted as soon as build turns green.

    Not sure about the current side-effects but I would guess that you would not notice when build turns red again since it is still marked as acknowledged. Unfortunately this is not too easy to reproduce.


    BR, Matthias

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    Cannot start the app in Windows 10

    Dean OCallaghan · 2 · Last reply by Dean OCallaghan

    I have just installed CatLight 2.10.3 on a Windows 10 machine, but it won't run. The gears spin for a minute or two, and then the screen says "cannot start the app".

    I tried installing the CRT but the installer said that it wasn't applicable to my version of windows.

    I have attached the log files.


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    Clicking "Build Now" generates a "Error: Request failed with status code 500"

    Harman · 3 · Last reply by catlight

    Currently have CatLight connected to Jenkins version 2.46.2. CatLight will give notification when builds start/finish but will give the above error when I try to start a build through CatLight. Proper credentials are provided for Jenkins login. 

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    Don't update status of task bar

    Denis Bubnov · 4 · Last reply by catlight

    Don't update status of task bar. Version of CatLight - 2.1.3 Beta.

    All my builds - success, but status of tas bar is red.

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    Secondary monitor problems

    Arpad · 3 · Last reply by catlight

    Then I open the Dashboard on my secondary monitor and then log onto that computer via RDP (with only one monitor) the dashboard is somehow hidden. Even after I restart CatLight it memorizes that it was on the other monitor and can't get it into view. 

    Using Windows 10. CatLight v 2.3.1

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    Adding a VSTS connection fails

    hrant · 2 · Last reply by catlight

    When I add a VSTS connection, I'm properly prompted to Accept or Deny

    I click on Accept, and I get redirected to localhost with an AccessToken in the URI, however the local server reports the following.

    Connection problem

    There was a problem accessing your account: Response status code does not indicate success: 302 (Found).

    Please make sure that:

    • Account url is correct and accessible:
    • User that is logged in this browser have access to
    You can close this window and return to CatLight app. If you need to use another Microsoft account, sign in to it in this
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    TFS2015: Offline - Sequence contains no elements

    BC · 3 · Last reply by catlight

    Hi Tim,

    Since version 2.7.0 I cannot connect to our local TFS on prem anymore.

    I keep seeing this error message:


    Sequence contains no elements


    Sometimes a restart of the app fixes it temporarily. But then all of a sudden, boom, same error again.

    I was hoping this bug had been fixed in v 2.7.1 but unfortunately it isn't.


    Hope you can fix this since we really rely on Catlight nowadays :) (And we're paid customers... ;)

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    Duplicate projects in Jenkins appear in the interface

    Alex · 6 · Last reply by Alex

    It appears that i have the Master project in Jenkins twice, one that states that the build is broken and needs investigating, the other one states that no build has ever started on that project. This is regarding Jenkins.


    I have attached a picture to see exactly what is happening.



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    Slash not displayed correctly

    Bartłomiej Szypelow · 2 · Last reply by catlight

    When a Jenkins' build name contains "/", it is displayed as "%2F" 

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    HttpRequestException after update to 2.6.1

    Andrew Zakharkin · 5 · Last reply by Andrew Zakharkin

     2017-03-13 20:51:39.1321 |  WARN |        SharedStateManager | 47 | Exception in SpaceUpdaterHandler System.Net.Http.HttpRequestException: Error while copying content to a stream. ---> System.IO.IOException: Unable to read data from the transport connection. The connection was closed before all data could be read. Expected 3898 bytes, read 0 bytes.

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    Catlight does not start when Windows starts

    Keith · 1 · Last reply by Keith

    This has been happening since I started using Catlight a year ago. Catlight installs a shortcut to my Start Menu\Programs\Startup folder but for some reason it never launches during startup. I always have to manually start Catlight. The shortcut is valid because it does launch Catlight when I double click it so not sure why it does not run during Windows startup.

    I'm currently using v2.5.10 on Windows 10. The startup shortcut is installed in C:\Users\{my username}\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup. 

    Shortcut's target = C:\Users\{my username}\AppData\Local\CatLight\Update.exe --processStart "CatLight.exe" -a "--on-startup"

    Shortcut's "start in" location = C:\Users\{my username}\AppData\Local\CatLight\app-2.5.10

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    Non-default Team City builds are not reflected on CatLight

    When I have Branch Specification enabled on the build e.g.:


    It does not pick those builds up, while the Default branch builds are being reflected correctly.


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    I don't see any travis builds.

    Lukas Malkmus · 3 · Last reply by Dylan Green


    I connected CatLight to Travis-CI Pro, but I don't see any builds. Maybe it's because I have a student account?


    I hope we can fix that :)

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    Problems with Work Item tracking

    Graham Smith · 1 · Last reply by catlight

    I set up my Catlight to do work item tracking - some time ago (possibly in a beta build)

    I've just tried to add another query to my work item tracking, and the context menu where you can choose "Show All" or other options is not rendering right.  It is clipped off so that the menu/popup is completely unusable.

    In the below screenshot, "Build Failures" was set up some time ago (i don't remember when or how) and has a blue cat icon.

    The "Failed Testing" query is newly created, has a empty cat icon, and the context menu is

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    Cannot connect to Travis CI Pro

    catlight · 0 · Posted

    Due to different permissions requirements, new users were unable to connect to Travis CI Pro. This is fixed in 2.4.2

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    Builds order for Team City sub-projects

    Marcin Daczkowski · 1 · Last reply by catlight

    Not sure if this happens for other CI servers too, but for Team City builds are organized in alphabetical manner. As I have some projects with sub-projects, I end up with related builds quite distant. I can work around this by prefixing Team City builds for sub projects, so they have common prefix, that should keep them together, though it seems to me this could be automated for better/easier organization.  

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    Notification shows new build but dashboard doesn't

    Mscommunities1 · 3 · Last reply by Telugu Pillodu

    I get a windows notification that my build has started. I click the dashboard and it still doesn't have the update. Even after a couple minutes the dashboard still does not update the information. My polling interval is set to 60 seconds.